Watch our new film: Be Changed

Watch our new film: Be Changed

You have arrived.
Something’s stirring as the sky rubs its eyes like the world is still blurry.
Beginning the wondering under wandering wingtips
and meandering coastlines.
This is where it starts to matter.
The sun hits the planet on a different kind of angle down here.
Piecing the story together, one road at a time.
Tracing the frame of these vistas of existence with your tyres through the sand.
Writing the script with every minute you’re living in it.

This is your atlas; a map of the experiences you manage to capture
as you sit up and take notice,
for you’re no longer just watching from the dark.
You are a part of this.

We’ve been waiting.
This place has a patience,
a greatness that doesn’t try to make you feel late.
Just welcome when you finally arrive.

Now is your time.
Take it... or be taken by it;
transformed by the simplicity of what is:
These are just trees right?
This is just water?
This is just perfect.

We are in motion.
Be moved by the vastness of this open moment.

By the stillness and the fulfillment of all that lies in store.
By the big things and the small things.
By the quickening of the senses and the slowing of the mind,
until this moment lasts forever.
Remembered in the smile lines worn into your face
so that one day your kids will ask,
“Hey Mum, hey Dad, what is that one from?”
and you’ll think back to NOW.
To when this country lay here waiting for you.
Be changed with every heart beat brought to quicken,
every breath caught and slowed into a sigh.
Every silly little thing you stop to notice as it briefly floated by.

Take this time.
In both hands,
in both eyes
and stretch it out like red clay until it reaches tomorrow.
Disappearing with the sinking light.
Calling out to you,
Hey there’s another day to come,
it’s waiting just over the horizon,
in tomorrow with the sun

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