YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011

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Tune in here to find out what the Making Tracks partnerships produced, and how their Australian experiences shaped their music.
Making Tracks Episode 4:
Stu Cullen and Samuel Blair

Making Tracks Ep 3: Dewayne Everettsmith & Jasmine Beams

Making Tracks Episode 2: Andy Bull & Irene Chen

Making Tracks Episode 1: Luke Webb & Desmond Neysmith


Find out more about our talented Making Tracks musicians and the inspirational Australian journeys they will take. 
Meet the musicians
Andy | Desmond | Dewayne | Irene
Jasmine | Luke | Samuel | Stuart
Travel through Australia with our four diverse musical duos! Stay posted for blogs, videos and other updates from the road.
See their itineraries
Luke and Desmond | Andy and Irene
Dewayne and Jasmine | Stuart and Samuel