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Sydney-based musician Andy Bull loved taking musical inspiration from the landscapes of Kangaroo Island and Australia's Red Centre.

The prospect of exploring Australia fired the imagination of Sydney-based singer-songwriter Andy Bull, who was keen to "experience something more than urban spaces." Cityscapes have certainly been the dominant backdrop in Andy's short but impressive musical career so far. He recorded his self-titled EP in Sydney in 2008 and his first critically-acclaimed album We're Too Young in New York in 2009. His latest EP, The Phantom Pains, was crafted following a tour of London less than a year later.

It's been an exciting musical journey for Andy, who as a child would practice on the keyboards that his father collected. He penned his first song aged around 13 or 14, and today his poetic and poignant lyrics have won him a reputation as a 'songwriter's songwriter'.

Andy calls himself a pop artist, and has demonstrated huge versatility within that category. After the polished 'blue-eyed soul' of his first album, Andy recorded The Phantom Pains in a room in his house for a rawer sound. Old touring buddies Lisa Mitchell and rock band Little Red were two of many local talents who collaborated with Andy on his latest EP.

Andy likes "the idea of absorbing surroundings to compose", and loved doing just this with his Musical Tracks partner, Taiwanese clarinet player Irene Chan. The two composed music inspired by the sweeping surrounds of Kangaroo Island and Red Centre. Share in their creative journey through these breathtaking parts of Australia.


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