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Meet the musician
Desmond Neysmith

UK cellist Desmond Neysmith combined his love for music and nature in Sydney, Perth and Kalgoorlie.

His Mum cultivated his love of cello, and David Attenborough, the Bush Tucker Man and Steve Irwin inspired his love of animals. Thanks to Making Tracks, London-based cellist Desmond Neysmith had the chance to combine his life-long passions of music and nature. He was overjoyed to be involved in something that lets people "see and hear Australia's natural beauty and the musical inspiration it can generate."

Desmond's mother bought him his first cello when he was only four years old. Desmond fell in love with the instrument, despite being dwarfed by it for the first five of six years. The cello, he says, "fell in love with me eventually". As an adult, Desmond has played the cello in string quartets and symphony orchestras. It's taken him to Alaska, opened doors to musical theatre and even allowed him to co-write a musical score for a West End production.

The cello has now led Desmond to Australia, a country he first learnt about as a kid, watching the Bush Tucker man eat witchetty grubs on television. Along with Making Tracks partner, Sydney singer Luke Webb, Desmond took an Aboriginal tour through Perth's King Park, discovered Kalgoorlie and hit beaches in Perth and Sydney.




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