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Auditions On The Road Grand Finale
Meet the musician
Dewayne Everettsmith

Tasmanian-based Dewayne took a musical journey through his backyard – from Hobart to the Great Ocean Road.

Dewayne Everettsmith has performed across the world since launching his musical career just a few years ago. Now, thanks to Making Tracks, the Tasmanian singer and guitar player has taken a musical journey through his own back yard.

Dewayne has entranced audiences in American Samoa, New Zealand, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and all across Australia with his talent. Not surprising, considering soul singer Marcia Hines described Dewayne's voice as one of the most beautiful she'd heard. Dewayne also has the kind of presence that can upstage even seasoned performers. He's wowed as the support act for Australia's most successful singer - John Farnham - and received rousing ovations during a duet with local legend Paul Kelly. This duet was part of the Black Arm Band's dirtsong show, which drew huge crowds during the Melbourne International Arts Festival.

Dewayne's musical style draws strongly on his Aboriginal heritage, which links him to the Aboriginal community of Cape Barren Island and the Gunai/Kurnai people of southeast Victoria. He was also raised in an adoptive family descended from a well-known Tasmanian Aboriginal singer. Dewayne's first album includes the single Milaythina, the first-ever commercial recording of a Tasmanian Aboriginal language song.

Dewayne brought his rich musical medley to his Making Tracks partnership with American viola player Jasmine Beam. The pair explored Tasmania's compact capital of Hobart and Victoria's rugged and spectacular Great Ocean Road. After taking his talent across the world, Dewayne found musical inspiration much closer to home.


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