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Auditions On The Road Grand Finale
Meet the musician
Irene Chen

Taiwanese clarinet player Irene embraced adventure and cultural understanding on her Making Tracks journey through Australia.

Opportunities for adventure and cross-cultural understanding motivated Taiwanese musician Irene Chen to apply for Making Tracks. School teacher by day, clarinet and piano player by night, Irene described music as "her life" and has been learning musical instruments since the age of seven.

Primarily a clarinet player, Irene saw Making Tracks as a unique opportunity to musically "interact with the land that we will be performing at." Having previously spent two years studying in the United States, Irene looked forward to experiencing "culture shock" in Australia. Growing up in Taiwan, "where the traditional and the modern co-exist", Irene was keen to learn more about Australia from her Making Tracks buddy Andy Bull.

"I haven't been to Australia before and I just can't wait to experience everything in a brand new environment…Coming to Australia I will be bringing my Eastern culture and joining cross-culturally with an Australian musician," she had said.

Irene believes "that you only learn when you are open and willing to try" and it was in this spirit that she made her Making Tracks journey through Australia.



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