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Meet the musician
Jasmine Beams

American viola player Jasmine Beams thought Australia was a "parallel universe" and couldn't wait to explore Tasmania and south-east Victoria.

American viola player Jasmine Beams had always thought of Australia as a "parallel universe". "We share related history and speak the same language but we're on opposite sides of the world," she had said. Thanks to Making Tracks, the University of Wisconsin graduate student has now discovered this parallel universe for herself.

Music is a lifelong passion for Jasmine, who began playing the violin at the age of six, before moving her focus to the viola as a teenager. Her bright talent has won her many music scholarships, first at Indiana University, and now at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. She's toured the USA, Canada, South America, Europe and Japan and performs with three orchestras in her current hometown of Wisconsin.

While classic music is Jasmine's first love, she adores all musical genres, from jazz and tango to rock and pop. While performing with the Latin American Popular Music Ensemble, she collaborated with Grammy-nominated artists such as Terra Brasil, Gonzalu Grau y la Clave Secreta, Tiempo Librem and Aquiles Baez.

This experience stood her in good stead when she teamed up with contemporary Australian singer and guitar player Dewayne Everettsmith. The two travelled across Tasmania and south-east Victoria, composing music inspired by their experiences along the way.







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