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Auditions On The Road Grand Finale
Meet the musician
Luke Web

Sydney-based folk/country singer Luke Webb wanted to explore new musical landscapes and see some of Australia's most beautiful spots.

Sydney-based singer/songwriter Luke Webb was drawn to Making Tracks for the chance to "see some of Australia's most beautiful spots, creating music and meeting great new people along the way." Travel has always been a source of musical inspiration for Luke, who was born in Papua New Guinea and had a globe-trotting childhood. Growing up in North Carolina, Connecticut and New Zealand helped to shape Luke's unique musical style, which blends blues, folk, indie-rock and country.

Luke also credits his musical parents, who cemented his love of country music and exposed him to classical instruments. Luke's Dad, a lecturer at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, plays on Luke's latest album, River that Runs so Deep. Reviewers praised the album for Luke's guitar, harmonica and banjo playing, as well as his infectious lyrics and powerful vocals. Luke won the Telstra 'Road to Tamworth Songwriter award in 2010, and is often likened to his idol Neil Young for his engaging song writing and delivery.

Tune in to hear the "new musical landscapes" that Luke shared with his Making Tracks partner, UK cellist Desmond Neysmith.


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