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Meet the musician
Samuel Blair

Bassoon player Samuel Blair loves Australians and expanding his musical horizons.

American Bassoon player Samuel Blair loves Australians and wanted to learn to throw a boomerang properly. But more importantly, he wanted to expand his musical horizons by collaborating with a contemporary musician.

"Classical music is wonderful but I do believe it needs to incorporate more modern instruments and local flavours to draw people in," Samuel had said.

Making Tracks was the latest venture in a musical career which began when Samuel was 11, and the bassoon was as big as him.

"It wasn't looking good but I stuck with it and it worked out for the best because it's taken me so many places," he said.

Sam has toured Switzerland, Korea, China and Malaysia and is currently based in Florida's Miami Beach playing with the New World Symphony.

Sam can now add to his CV the Making Tracks journey, where he created "one cohesive musical idea" with Melbourne electro musician Stuart Cullen. The duo charted exciting new musical territory against the backdrop of Noosa, Fraser Island and Canberra, Australia's capital.




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