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Auditions On The Road Grand Finale
Meet the musician
Stuart Cullen

Melbourne electro artist Stuart Cullen flexed his musical muscles on the Sunshine Coast and in Canberra.

Melbourne musician Stuart Cullen couldn't resist the chance to "do something for the YouTube generation" while also combining his passions for music and Australia. So he auditioned for Making Tracks. Before he knew it he was exploring his distinctive electro style against the backdrop of Queensland's Sunshine Coast and Australia's capital, Canberra.

It was a new musical adventure for Stuart, who has been a full-time musician since funding his first EP in 2007. In true Australian style, Stuart threw a keg party to raise the money he needed for sessions in a recording studio. Today he takes his textured blend of guitars, keyboards, synths, drums and soaring vocals to gigs around Australia. He also did eight-month stint in London, where he recorded his forthcoming album with UK production duo The Slips. The album features Sydney synth band Diamond Cut and a dark, glittering remix by US producer VIKING, who has worked with Kid Cudi, Amanda Blank and The Like.

Stuart's music has been likened to that of Norwegian electro outfit Royksopp, American indie band Deathcab for Cutie and French rockers Phoenix. All of which are in a very different musical arena to Stuart's Making Tracks partner, American classical bassoon player Samuel Blair. Stuart and Samuel found common musical ground while sharing experiences such as hot air ballooning in Canberra and 4WDing on Fraser Island.

Tune in to watch Stuart discover Australia and share his unique musical collaboration with the YouTube generation.


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