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Great Ocean Road - Itinerary

This five day itinerary showcases the Great Ocean Road’s incredible scenery and natural wonders staying at premium wilderness retreats and quality hotels. Feel the wind in your hair and breathe the fresh ocean air as you wind your way along the curves of one of the world’s greatest ocean drives.

Day 2: Morning

Take your time winding along the Great Ocean Road from Lorne to Apollo Bay.

For lunch, try La Bimba at Apollo Bay.

Day 2: Afternoon/Evening

Go sea kayaking with Apollo Bay Surf and Kayak.

Apollo Bay Surf and Kayak operate from Apollo Bay on the doorstep of the Otway National Park and the Marengo Marine Sanctuary, which hosts a Seal Colony.

Sea Kayaking to the Marengo Seal Sanctuary is one of the most popular activities using ‘sit-on-top’ kayaks (cabos) which are great for both beginners and experienced paddlers. It is rare not to see the seals and their pups lounging on the rocks, or even swimming and playing around the kayaks. For the adventurous is the opportunity to catch waves and surf to the shore.

Check in to your accommodation Chris’s Beacon Point Restaurant and Villas.

Chris's Beacon Point Restaurant and Villas are spectacularly situated on the cliff overlooking Apollo Bay Harbour, the Great Ocean Road and Bass Strait. Have dinner in the restaurant at Chris’s Beacon Point.

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