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Great Barrier Reef Islands experiences and attractions

Heart Reef & Whitehaven Beach

Enjoy the sparkling expanse of the Whitsunday Islands and the Great Barrier Reef from the air. Air Whitsunday is the largest seaplane operator in the Southern Hemisphere and has provided tour and transport service in the region for over 38 years. Tours showcase a panoramic perspective of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park including the iconic Heart Reef; a pristine private snorkelling location amidst the coral suspended Hardy Lagoon; and private picnics at stunning Whitehaven Beach. Dedicated transfer services enable visitors to connect conveniently between the mainland and a number of the Whitsunday Islands. Air Whitsunday’s seaplane services also rendezvous with their privately operated glass bottom boat, moored at an exclusive snorkelling location inside Hardy Reef. Their fleet is also available for private chartered tours and transfers between the mainland and islands. Tours and private charters are available from Whitsunday Airport, Hayman Island, Lindeman Island, Long Island and Brampton Island.