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Nitmiluk Tours

Aboriginal-owned and operated Nitmiluk Tours in the Nitmiluk National Park provides informative and educational journeys through time, where visitors can discover the fascinating ways the indigenous Jawoyn people survived this harsh terrain for thousands of years through their knowledge and use of plants for both food and medicine.

On the Bushtucker Walk, visitors are introduced to treats such as the Swamp Wattle, home to the tasty witchetty grub, whose gum can be eaten like a bush toffee; or the seeds of the Northern Kurrajong which when mixed with water makes basic ‘damper’ bread.

The tour looks at both the Jawoyn traditional uses and also contemporary Aboriginal bush foods, followed by a tasting of Australia’s distinctive flavours. Walks also follow routes travelled by generations of Jawoyn people through rocky escarpments and gorges, secluded swimming holes and waterfalls, and palm filled valleys to find amphitheatres of rock art, thousands of years old.