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Zoo with a view

Situated on the spectacular Sydney Harbour, Taronga Zoo is an experience not to be missed. Located just 12 minutes from Circular Quay by ferry, Taronga Zoo is home to over 2900 exotic and native species including rare Western Lowland Gorillas, Sumatran Tigers, Snow Leopards, Kodiak Bears, Chimpanzees, Giraffes and five Asian Elephants.

Taronga Zoo offers free keeper talks, animal shows and feedings throughout the day. Enjoy the famous Free Flight Bird Show held in the amphitheatre or soar high yourself on the inclusive Sky Safari cable car ride. Don’t miss the Seal Show. Full of action and surprises, this show is a lively, informative look at marine wildlife. Discover the mysterious secrets of the deep while you come face to face with sea lions, penguins and leopard seals. See the animals that have some of the best views in town across the city and Sydney Harbour.