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Freycinet - Itinerary Ideas

This five day itinerary showcases some of Tasmania’s most incredible scenery and natural wonders while staying at premium wilderness retreats. Whether you are seeking adventure, romance or rejuvenation, you can be as relaxed or as active as you wish in the breathtaking environment of the Freycinet Peninsula and historic Hobart town.

Day 1: Morning

Arrive at Launceston and transfer to Saffire Freycinet.

Saffire Freycinet rises from its surroundings as a premium luxury lodge that is truly in touch with the beauty and depth of nature. Staying at Saffire is an experience designed to enrich and uplift, giving a new perspective in this unique environment.

Day1: Afternoon/Evening

After lunch at Saffire depart for a two and a half hour return guided walk to the famous Wineglass Bay lookout.

Dinner at Palate, Saffire
Saffire's restaurant, Palate, prides itself on showcasing the best Tasmania has to offer, and provides tailor-made experiences to suit all guests. Multi-course degustation menus matched with outstanding local wines are a specialty, with menus designed around what is fresh out of the water or the paddock on any given day. Stay overnight at Saffire Freycinet.

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