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Learn about some of Australia's iconic aquatic destinations and experiences.

From the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Sydney Harbour in New South Wales and Tasman National Park in Tasmania, Australia has many spectacular aquatic, coastal and beach attractions for your holiday. Sail through the Whitsundays or hike the dramatic coastline of Victoria's Wilsons Promontory. Drive from Sydney to Cairns along the breathtaking Pacific Coast Touring Route. In Western Australia, the South West Beaches and Goldfields Drive travels through Margaret River along the beach-blessed southern coast. Go beyond well known destinations to discover Australia's coastal gems, including international actor and Tourism Australia's global ambassador Chris Hemsworth's five favourite beaches. The beach holds a special place in our national identity and you too will fall in love with Australia's golden stretches of sand.

Discover Australia's unique aquatic and coastal destinations Australia isn't just a place you see, it's a place you feel


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