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Australian School Holidays 2015

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The following is a list of Australian school holiday dates to help you plan your vacation.

In Australia, the school year runs from January to December. School holidays in Australia occur four times a year, although the dates vary slightly in each state and territory. These are the times when Australian families usually take their holidays too, so it can be a very busy time at many of our attractions and favourite holiday destinations. If you are planning to travel to Australia during these peak periods it's wise to book flights, tours and accommodation well in advance. Many free and family events are held in our major cities during school holidays. The following is a list of Australian school holiday dates to help you plan your vacation.

Term 1 School Holidays 2015

Australian Capital Territory: 11 April to 26 April
New South Wales: 3 April to 20 April
Northern Territory: 2 April to 12 April
Queensland: 2 April to 19 April
South Australia: 11 April to 26 April
Tasmania: 2 April to 19 April
Victoria: 28 March to 12 April
Western Australia: 3 April to 19 April

Autumn school holiday ideas

The April school holidays usually coincide with Easter. It is autumn in Australia at this time and a perfect time to discover Australia’s great outdoors. The days are still mostly warm and sunny, with average temperatures in the 20° - 30° C range across most of the country. It’s a magical time in Canberra as the trees change colour, from green to yellow, orange and red. It’s still warm enough to go camping or bushwalking in our many national parks. The weather is still warm enough for the beach especially in New South Wales and Queensland. April is also sees the start of the whale-shark season in Western Australia.

Term 2 School Holidays 2015

Australian Capital Territory: 4 July to 19 July
New South Wales: 27 June to 13 July
Northern Territory: 20 June to 19 July
Queensland: 27 June to 12 July
South Australia: 4 July to 19 July
Tasmania: 4 July to 20 July
Victoria: 27 June to 12 July
Western Australia: 4 July to 19 July

Winter school holiday ideas

The second round of school holidays fall in the winter months of June and July in Australia. Even in winter, temperatures in most states rarely drop below zero, although snow falls in areas such as the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales; Victoria’s High Country and parts of Tasmania. Many Australian families head to the ski slopes. Many also head north to the tropical warmth of Queensland and popular destinations such the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Noosa Heads, the Whitsunday Islands and Cairns. It’s also whale-watching season in Australia, and they can be seen all along the coastline. The cooler weather makes it a perfect time to visit Darwin, Kakadu and Uluru in the Northern Territory. In Victoria the winter surf swells along the Great Ocean Road are at their best. For those who prefer to be indoors, it’s a great time to visit the fun museums and galleries in our capital cities.

Term 3 School Holidays 2015

Australian Capital Territory: 26 September to 11 October
New South Wales: 19 September to 5 October
Northern Territory: 26 September to 4 October
Queensland: 19 September to 5 October
South Australia: 26 September to 11 October
Tasmania: 26 September to 11 October
Victoria: 19 September to 4 October
Western Australia: 26 September to 11 October

Spring school holiday ideas

Spring is one of the best seasons to visit Australia. From September through to October it's often still warm enough to hit the beach in the southern states. It is still cool enough to tour Uluru; the humidity and rains have not yet arrived in Cairns and the Top End; and the wildflowers are in full bloom in Western Australia. Wildlife is most active at this time of year as Australia’s native animals give birth and raise their young. It’s an excellent time for walking or driving vacations, especially in the Australian Outback. Spring is also a great season to surf, sail and kayak in Australia.

Term 4 School Holidays 2015

Australian Capital Territory: 19 December to 31 January 2016
New South Wales: 17 December to 27 January 2016 
Northern Territory: 12 December to 21 January 2016
Queensland: 12 December to 24 January 2016
South Australia: 12 December to 31 January 2016
Tasmania: 18 December to 2 February 2016
Victoria: 19 December to 26 January 2016
Western Australia: 18 December to 31 January 2016

Summer school holiday ideas

The end of year school break is the longest in Australia and a very busy time as it also includes Christmas and New Year. Summer is when Australians head to the beach and seaside towns all along our vast coastline. It can be extremely hot and wet in the Northern Territory, Tropical North Queensland and places such as Broome and the Kimberley in Western Australia. Summer holidays are also the time for cricket, grand slam tennis, music festivals and outdoor events. Our many national parks provide a cool retreat from the summer heat. ‘Schoolies Week’ is a three week graduation festival celebrated by Year 12 school leavers from all around Australia and starts from around mid-November. The Gold Coast is home to the nation’s largest schoolies celebration, however Byron Bay, the Sunshine Coast, Airlie Beach and Lorne in Victoria are also popular, and can be very crowded at this time.