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Snorkelling at Maureens Cove Hook Island. Photo courtesy of Adventure Photography Whitsunday.

Maureens Cove, Hook Island

Northern side of Hook Island, Hook Island, Queensland, 4741
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Situated on the northern side of Hook Island, Maureen's Cove is a popular anchorage with sailors and divers alike. There are two dive sites at Maureen's Cove. At the back of the cove, on the western side of the beach is a series of bommies starting at 12 - 15 metres and rising to within three metres of the surface, parallel to the shoreline. Gullies and shallow caves make for an interesting dive, as does the abundance of medium-sized fish life. Along the Eastern edge is another good dive site known locally as 'Boulders'. Plate corals and other acropora dominate the shallow ledge which drops off as a small wall to 10 - 12 metres. This is also the best spot for snorkelling. The best corals, including large gorgonian fans, are near the point but beware of strong currents. Visibility: 3 - 15 metres. Diving depth: 3 - 15 metres. Bottom: large coral bommies and sandy bottom at back of cove. Good shallow coral cover with coral rubble and silty sand on the eastern side of the cove. Camping is permitted on the beach at Maureen's Cove, National Park camping permits are required.

Cannonvale Beach at high tide

Cannonvale Beach

Beach Road, Cannonvale, Queensland, 4802
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Situated just three kilometres to the west of Airlie Beach, on a north facing stretch of sand, is Cannonvale Beach. With a stinger net for safe swimming in the summer months, a children's playground, and a delightful cafe on the foreshore, Cannonvale Beach is a favourite spot for families to play. The Botanic Gardens are taking shape along the foreshore and are set to grow and develop over the coming years. The wreck of the Whitsunday Magic is a photographers favourite, making for some spectacular sunset photos.

Whitsunday Islands from Mt Hayward

Whitsunday Great!Walk

Conway State Forest, Airlie Beach, Queensland, 4802
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On the rugged Conway Range behind Airlie Beach lies Conway State Forest, home to the Whitsunday Great!Walk. This beautiful forest contains lowland tropical rainforest remnants and picturesque rocky creeks. Volcanic activity millions of years ago created this rugged landscape and the offshore islands. Walking through this wildlife haven is a unique experience as the seasons come and go with different sights, smells and sounds. You may see the blue flash of a Ulysses butterfly after rain, smell lemon myrtle flowers in summer, or hear the distinctive call of the wompoo fruit-dove when the trees around you are fruiting. You will pass majestic tulip oaks on the first day, walk through lush palm valleys and moss gardens on the second, and finish on the third with views of the Whitsunday Islands through open woodland. As of November 2012, the Whitsunday Great Walk is now open to mountain bikes with sections of the 36km dual-use trail graded 2, 3 and 4 for mountain bikes.

Lindeman Islands National Park

Lindeman Islands National Park

Lindeman Island, Lindeman Island, Queensland, 4741
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Lindeman Islands National Park is part of the world famous Whitsunday islands and Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area. Aboriginal people referred to the main island, Lindeman, as Yara-kimba, the place of snapper-bream fish. The fourteen islands of the park feature a variety of vegetation types including rainforest in sheltered pockets, open forest in drier areas, grasslands and wetlands. Well-maintained tracks traverse Lindeman and Seaforth islands. While water is usually clearer on the northern end of outer islands, snorkelling over reef flats at high tide can still be rewarding. From May to September look for humpback whales. View sunsets over Neck Bay and admire spectacular vistas from Lindeman's Mount Oldfield. Birdwatchers will delight in more than 90 bird species that inhabit or visit the islands. Camping is permitted on three islands. Camping fees apply and bookings are essential. Book in advance for school holidays. Take water and a fuel stove. Check restrictions on activities such as spearfishing, collecting and fishing.

Butterfly Bay, Hook Island, Whitsundays

Butterfly Bay - Hook Island

East of Alcyonaria Point, Hook Island, Queensland, 4741
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A popular bareboat anchorage, Butterfly Bay is situated on the northern side of Hook Island. There are limited public moorings and snorkelling can be enjoyed along the bay edge or just off the beach. Offering coral outcrops with shallow walls, the bay is populated by many small, colourful reef fish species. The best of the bommies is found in the centre of the bay, although it may be difficult to locate at high tide. Be wary of tidal currents when moving towards the centre of the bay, away from the edges. Visibility: 2 - 10 metres. Diving depth: 5 - 12 metres. Bottom: coral cover with large patches of coral rubble and silty sand.

Hamilton Island Golf Club

Hamilton Island Golf Club

Dent Island, Hamilton Island, Queensland, 4803
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Tee off beside the Whitsundays at the Hamilton Island Golf Club, one of the world's premier golfing destinations. The course is adjacent to Hamilton Island on its own patch of paradise, Dent Island. Designed by five-time British Open winner Peter Thomson, it is the only championship course in Australia on its own island. The par 71, 18-hole course is on par with Australia's top golfing destinations for its design, location and facilities. Spectacularly located with panoramic Whitsundays views, the Hamilton Island course will challenge and delight weekend golfers and professionals alike.

Daydream Island Resort and Spa

Daydream Island Resort and Spa

Daydream Island, Whitsundays, Queensland, 4802
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Located at the northern end of Daydream Island, the Rejuvenation Spa is an award winning facility that combines an extensive array of health and beauty treatments with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and pool to pamper and reinvigorate the mind, body and soul. The Spa provides a holistic approach to wellbeing, offering the time-tested health benefits of naturopathy, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy and massage, along with beauty therapies using products including Pevonia Botanica and Eles Mineral Make up. Facilities include 16 individual treatment rooms, vichy showers, thermal tables, hydrotherapy tubs, steam effusion showers, dual treatment rooms, dual spa baths and private relaxation areas. Unique to the Spa is one of Australia's most advanced naturopathic testing and treatment clinics, offering clients a complete and comprehensive analysis of entire body systems, from full blood analysis to monitoring and measuring fat and muscle mass. A number of the signature treatments combine all three relaxation tools, aromatherapy, massage and hydrotherapy. The facility's exclusive hydrotherapy equipment includes massaging jet streams of the vichy showers, hydrotherapy baths or the unique hydro-storm steam affusion shower. Aromatherapy is used with oils extracted from aromatic plants as a balm to enhance beauty, harmonise moods, lift spirits and balance body energies.

Aboriginal artwork can be seen at the Ngaro Cultural Site on the Whitsunday Ngaro Sea Trail

Whitsunday Ngaro Sea Trail

Whitsunday Islands National Park, Whitsundays, Queensland, 4802
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Follow the Ngaro people’s footsteps in a journey blending seaways and walking tracks. Sail over turquoise waters; walk across pure white sands; see ancient rock art, rugged headlands, rolling grasslands; and experience breathtaking views. The Whitsunday Ngaro Sea Trail takes in the best the Whitsundays have to offer, traversing across islands and seaways for a unique experience. From easy, short strolls to challenging, lengthy hikes all you have to do is choose — visit one or visit them all.

Centro Whitsunday

Centro Whitsunday Shopping Centre

Shute Harbour Road, Corner of Paluma Road, Cannonvale, Queensland, 4802
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Centro Whitsunday is truly Shopping In Paradise! This beautiful fully air conditioned shopping centre is located five kilometres west from Airlie Beach on the main artery connection with Proserpine and the Bruce Highway. This modern centre features a fantastic selection of national and local retailers and service providers. Woolworths Supermarket, Big W and Harvey Norman are complimented by 27 specialty stores, 12 retail showroom tenancies, Bendigo Bank, ATMs, BCF, Mitre10 Hardware and the Community Library. Food, Fashion, Homewares, Furnishings and all the services you need are located in this super friendly Shopping Centre. You can catch a bus, there is heaps of car parking and large vehicles can be accommodated for the travelling tourist. Taxis and Limousines service Centro Whitsunday to and from all locations. Customer services include a delightful Parents Room with microwave available in the Centre Management Office. Disabled facilities, disabled parking and there are two wheelchairs for free use by customers and visitors. For all your shopping needs or for a little retail therapy come out and see the friendly staff in their stores at Centro Whitsunday and experience the best Shopping In Paradise at Cannonvale. The shopping centre is open seven days and most public holidays.

Abell Point Marina, Whitsundays, Airlie Beach Marina, Great Barrier Reef

Abell Point Marina

Shingley Drive, Airlie Beach, Queensland, 4802
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Abell Point Marina is uniquely located at the Gateway to the Whitsundays, one of Australia's most prestigious and world-renowned tourism destinations. With direct access to the Whitsundays 74 Islands, Abell Point Marina is located in Airlie Beach, North Queensland, 30 minutes from Proserpine Airport or a ferry transfer from Hamilton Island Airport. The Marina comprises 507 wet berths and a stylish Marina Village that hosts restaurants and casual cafes and is located just a short stroll away from the luxury resort accommodation and boutique shopping of Airlie Beach. Protected by it's uniquely designed iconic breakwater, Abell Point Marina is the largest marina of its type in Australia, giving it the well earned reputation as the tourism, transport and recreation hub of the Whitsundays region. As the official home of Airlie Beach Race Week, Abell Point Marina is perfectly positioned to experience the magic of the Whitsundays and the Great Barrier Reef, a destination on the wish list of sailing, yachting and tourism visitors alike. You can experience The Whitsundays out of Abell Point Marina with a diverse range of tours including day trips, overnight tours and multiple night adventures to discover the stunning beauty of the Whitsundays 74 Islands.


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