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Wyndham Stars on the Bastion, Wyndham, Western Australia

Wyndham Stars on the Bastion

via, Wyndham, Western Australia, 6740
Website: www.wyndhamstarsonthebastion.org.au

From 05-Jul-2014 to 05-Jul-2014
Wyndham Community Events has been the driving force behind 'Wyndham Stars on The Bastion' since 2010. This extremely successful event is held annually in Wyndham during the Dry Season. A 4.00pm start allows guests to take in the magnificent encapsulating sunset atop the 'Bastion' at the Five Rivers Lookout; this world renowned view entices holiday goers all season round. Comprising of Australia's own home grown Country Music talent, Wyndham becomes host to a range of artists. From up-and-coming superstar's to well known bands such as Morgan Evan's and Adam Thompson from Chocolate Starfish. There will be a fully licenced bar so no BYO, and a traditional Kimberley camp oven stew with damper will be served. Guests will be treated to a night of great local food, fantastic service 'Kimberley Style' and the ability to enjoy the music up front and centre.

Argyle Diamonds Ord Valley Muster, Kununurra, Western Australia

Argyle Diamonds Ord Valley Muster

Various locations around Kununurra and Wyndham, Kununurra, Western Australia, 6743
Website: www.ordvalleymuster.com.au
9063989 Phone Number: 61 08 9168 1177

From 16-May-2014 to 25-May-2014
Now in its fourteenth year, this iconic West Australian event will feature an outstanding line-up of concerts and activities for the entertainment of Kimberley residents and the many visitors from around the nation and across the globe that the region attracts at that time of the year. Highlighting its extraordinary cultural diversity, stunning primeval landscape, friendly folk and warm country hospitality, the Argyle Diamonds Ord Valley Muster is an all-embracing community celebration of the prodigious talent to be found in the East Kimberley region. It also hosts several nationally renowned personalities who will participate in its festival of events. The highlight of this exciting fun-filled festival will be the internationally acclaimed Airnorth Kimberley Moon Experience on the Saturday at the Jim Hughes Amphitheatre on the banks of the majestic Ord River. Please refer to website for more information.

Shinju Matsuri, Broome, Western Australia

Shinju Matsuri Festival

Please see website for various venues, Broome, Western Australia, 6725
Website: www.shinjumatsuri.com.au
9029002 Phone Number: 61 08 9192 6461

From 05-Sep-2014 to 14-Sep-2014
Nowhere else in the world can you visit an Australian festival, with a Japanese name. Where a traditional Chinese dragon is the centre-piece and people proudly display their ethnic origins, and celebrate a pearling history that has made their getaway town the envy of the world. Shinju Matsuri is the premier arts, cultural and community festival in Broome, Western Australia. Shinju Matsuri will tempt your senses with an exciting whirlwind of colour, sound, taste and smell. The festival is held when the weather is perfect for the mostly outdoor events. The town buzzes with the excitement of this unique cultural celebration of Broome multicultural heritage and abundance of local talent. You are invited to be part of this great community celebration.

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Respect Yourself Respect Your Culture Mowanjum Festival

Derby Gibb River Road, Derby, Western Australia, 6728
Website: www.mowanjumarts.com
9025607 Phone Number: 61 08 9191 1008

From 10-Jul-2014 to 10-Jul-2014
The Mowanjum Festival near Derby boasts the title of Western Australia's largest Indigenous performance featuring more than 100 artists. Celebrating the rich heritage and culture of the Worrorra, Ngarinyin and Wunumbal peoples of the West Kimberley, the festival also features boab nut carving, Didgeridoo playing workshops and Wandjina art. Image by Matt Scurfield. Please refer to the website for more information.

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