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Queenscliff Harbour

Wharf Street, Queenscliff, Victoria, 3225
Email: info@queenscliffharbour.com.au
Website: www.queenscliffharbour.com.au
9157719 Phone Number: 61 03 5258 5459

Queenscliff Harbour is a destination in itself & being a working harbour there is always something to see and do. The 250 berth marina is home to the historic couta boats, yachts, power boats & a popular destination for local & interstate visiting vessels. The busy working boatyard has the largest straddle carrier in Victoria which can lift vessels up to 150 tonne. Walk along the boardwalk and you will find a dynamic retail precinct which includes, charter /dive operators, eco tours, men's & ladies fashion, nautical gifts, giftware, hairdressers & a day spa. Foodies are not forgotten, from fine dining to fish & chips, wood fired pizza, coffee, cake, ice-cream and the best local produce all available in pristine surroundings offering incomparable bay views. Make time to climb or catch the lift to the top of the 42m observation tower which offers stunning 360° views of Queenscliff, Port Philip, The Rip, Bellarine Peninsula, Swan Bay, Mornington Peninsula, Pilot Boats entering the bay or you might even spot a stingray.

Final Tactics are discussed! LETS GO GO GO

Combat Laser Strike Geelong

15 Douro Street, North Geelong, Victoria, 3215
Email: geelong@laserstrike.com.au
Website: www.laserstrike.com.au
9150739 Phone Number: 61 13 0076 4686

Laser Strike is a safe and exciting outdoor laser skirmish, laser tag based in The Basin, Gembrook, Geelong, Warrnambool, Mansfield-Benalla, Phillip Island, Mt Buller and Mobile! The laser skirmish guns shoot harmless beams of infra-red light, they work both indoors and outdoors, make lots of noise and have sensors on the target lighting up to show a 'hit'. Each hit reduces available health points, until the player gets "killed or retired" from the game. There are several different weapons on offer including short-range sub-machine guns through to long-range telescopic sniper rifles, each with its own tactics and uses. Many different tactical missions and scenarios are battled out and are to be won or lost. Teams must work together on their planning and strategy to achieve their aims and objectives. Games and sessions available both during the day and at night. Laser Strike and it's combat simulation is just like paintball but without the pain or the bruises and is great for birthday parties, sports teams, corporate team building events, school and university groups, social clubs and groups, hens and bucks parties and individuals Laser Strike is also 100% fully mobile. Yes, Combat Laser Strike can come to you! Best of all ----ANY AGE CAN PLAY!

Barwon Ridge Wines

59 McMullans Road, Barrabool, Victoria, 3221
Email: info@barwonridge.com.au
Website: www.barwonridge.com.au
9150916 Phone Number: 61 04 1832 4632
Fax Number: 61 03 9882 4587

Barwon Ridge Wines philosophy is to express the characteristics of fine Geelong wines through the growing of premium grapes and production of quality hand crafted wines. Barwon Ridge Wines produce Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Marsanne, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon from our vineyard in the Barrabool Hills. Our Pinot Noir and Shiraz have recently won gold medals and trophies at the International Cool Climate Wine Show. Located west of the Geelong Bypass (Hamilton Highway exit) so you can easily visit the vineyard on your way down the Great Ocean Road. Contact Barwon Ridge or visit their website. All wines are vegan compliant.

saanen milking goats

Drysdale Cheeses

2140 geelong / portarlington road, Bellarine, Victoria, 3221
Email: coriolynn@netspace.net.au
Website: www.drysdalecheeses.com
9147647 Phone Number: 61 03 5251 1449

Introducing Drysdale Cheeses, the first commercial goat cheese manufacturer on the Bellarine Peninsula. Registered in December 2005, Drysdale Cheeses concentrates on a range of hand made cheeses, manufactured from the high quality milk from its herd of Saanen goats. The goats live on the Scotchmans Road property in Bellarine, where they are milked daily. Drysdale Cheeses are a registered dairy herd and all of the animals are pure bred. Their diet comprises of pasture, tree cuttings, hay and goat "muesli", a home recipe. They also love their daily offerings of fruit and vegetable scraps from the fruit shop in Drysdale -especially watermelon!! Extra essential minerals and vitamins are administered via seaweed meal and salt licks. Although Drysdale Cheeses is not certified organic, they follow permaculture farming principles and adopt ethical animal treatment. They do not milk animals that are heavily pregnant and newborn kids will stay with their mums for those first few days of all-important colostrum (first milk). Each doe only kids once every two years, allowing for their optimal health. The milk is then transported to the cheese making room at Drysdale. The basic method for making cheese requires pasteurisation in this country, although a small group of speciality cheese makers are working to allow raw milk cheese to be made legal in Australia soon. After pasteurisation, cheese making cultures are added to the milk for flavour ripening and then an enzyme (rennet) is added to coagulate the milk, thus producing curds and whey. These cheese making procedures use only vegetarian rennet. Different varieties of cheese will then require different temperatures and different treatments. The cheeses are made in small batches and require careful ageing and draining, and so may be unavailable from time to time. Drysdale Cheeses are only available locally, from selected restaurants and providers.


Austins & Co.

870 Steiglitz Road, Sutherlands creek, Victoria, 3331
Email: hello@austinsandco.com.au
Website: www.austinsandco.com.au
9218405 Phone Number: 61 03 5281 1799

Austins & Co. collections are a showcase of the hand-crafted wines from the Austin family's vineyard and winery in the Mooroobol Valley, Victoria. Rise to the occasion with the 6Ft6 collection, best enjoyed with company and over a long conversation. Venture into the Greenbanks Collection, the wines that speak of the true terroir of the Austin family's lifestyle property. Step into Austins Wines, a premium collection that is the ultimate expression of the family's vineyard and understanding of site. Explore each Austins & Co. collection below. You're very welcome.From the heart of Victoria's Moorabool Valley wine region to the tables of the most contemporary restaurants and dining rooms the world over. A blend of cool climate elegance meets warm family atmosphere. That's Austins & Co. For more than thirty-years, this bold venture has crafted Pinot Noir for the people, and Riesling, Chardonnay and Shiraz to be seriously shared. Which is why the Co. in Austins & Co. affectionately stands for the Company Austin & Co. love to keep - the circle of friends, family and followers - and the quality conversations sparked by a glass or two of Austins & Co. You could say Austin & Co. have a real taste for longing and belonging. Step into the world of an Australian original. You're very welcome.

Checking out vintage surfboards along the boardwalk

Surfworld Museum Torquay

77 Beach Rd, Torquay, Victoria, 3228
Email: surfworld@surfcoast.vic.gov.au
Website: www.surfworld.com.au
9129301 Phone Number: 61 03 5261 4606
Fax Number: 61 03 5261 4527

The Surfworld Museum Torquay celebrates the history of surfing in Australia. It tells the story of this countries rich beach culture and surfing heritage that has developed over the last one hundred years. A visit to Surfworld gives people the opportunity to immerse themselves in beach experience and explore one of Australia's favourite past times. Through themed exhibition spaces and interactive displays, visitors can relive time spent at the beach, or discover the intimate link between surfers and the breaking waves. Find out about surfing hero's and legends in The Australian Surfing Hall Of Fame, which celebrates the lives of Australian surfing champions. You can check out their biographies mounted on a typical example of the board they rode. Relax in the theatre and enjoy spectacular footage of surfers in action while you are surrounded by vintage surf memorabilia and an epic array of historic surfboards. Trace the development of the surfboard along the boardwalk as a breaking wave looms overhead. Explore the many elements that go to make up surf culture, clothes, movies, music, and walk through the ultimate surf mobile, the VW kombi van. Whether you are eight or eighty eight, at the Surfworld Museum Torquay you can ride a wave of history and discover how awesome and inspirational surfing can be. For updates or further information please check their website.

Jumping pillow

Mini Golf by the Sea

47 Pertobe Road, Warrnambool, Victoria, 3280
Email: minigolf02@hotmail.com
9202426 Phone Number: 61 03 5562 0633

Try your luck at Mini Golf by the Sea, located adjacent to the spectacular foreshore and beside Warrnambool's famous Lake Pertobe Adventure Playground! Mini Golf by the Sea is also home of the famous jumping pillow and is fun for the entire family! Open seven days a week for your convenience, please contact for further details.


Elk Horn Roadhouse

420A Wallington Road , Wallington, Victoria, 3221
Email: admin@elkhornroadhouse.com.au
Website: www.elkhornroadhouse.com.au
9155744 Phone Number: 61 03 5250 6056

Nestled in the heart of the small farming district of Wallington, an area greatly recognised for its local produce and wines, Elk Horn Roadhouse embraces all that is on offer in the region and incorporates this into their menu. The food is seriously good. Their freshly baked treats are made daily, along with an extensive breakfast menu and an a la carte lunch, which changes with the seasons. Its guests will experience something with a difference at the Roadhouse in a rural setting its decor and ambience creates the real essence of country dining and the service will have you coming back time and time again. The Elk Horn Road House was a tin shed in the middle of a horse paddock when friends Terri Bitton and Julie Taylor took on the lease. They had just returned from a trip to the US, where they had been inspired by the roadhouses they had visited in the Nevada desert.

Gourmet Photo Travels

Gourmet Photo Travels

Great Ocean Road, Aireys Inlet, Victoria, 3231
Email: juanita@gourmetphototravels.com.au
Website: www.gourmetphototravels.com.au

Gourmet Photo Travels is photography workshops based along the Great Ocean Road. Gourmet Photo Travels teaches photography in all aspects including landscape, portrait, architecture, lifestyle, street and travel photography with particular emphasis on travel photography to get you ready for your next travel experience. By the end of the Gourmet Photo Travels workshop you will be shooting with greater knowledge and control of your camera, shooting in manual mode with confidence. You will understand exposure and exposure compensation, aperture and depth of field, ISO and speed, white balance, composition and will begin a creative journey with your photography. Gourmet Photo Travels will also teach skills in photographing people of different cultures gaining confidence in approaching and connecting with their subjects, increasing their quality and enjoyment of travelling in the process. Techniques will be taught in"post" using popular software like Photoshop and Lightroom to help those images to be even better. The workshops are held over a weekend and on singular days, with the weekend workshops the participants will be limited to only 8-10 people to allow for more intensive tuition. The cost includes lovely accommodation staying at Fairhaven and the great food of the region, eating at some of the renowned local restaurants.

Pegasus Antiques

Pegasus Antiques

550 La trobe Blvd, Geelong, Victoria, 3220
Email: pegasusantiques@bigpond.com
Website: www.pegasusantiques.com.au
9217350 Phone Number: 61 03 5221 8290
Fax Number: 61 03 5221 8290

Pegasus Antiques is now one of the largest antique businesses in Australia, made possible by purchasing the best quality stock and building genuine friendships with their customers. They personally tour the UK and France sourcing the world's best antique furniture and ship out to the warehouse in Geelong. Pegasus Antiques sees the entire process through from sourcing and importing the furniture, restoration, sales and deliveries all being performed by Ken and Joel. Pegasus Antiques was founded by Ken Duggan in 1983, however the first piece that Ken ever restored was a chair when he was seven years old, which is still on display in the shop. Ken always had a passion for antiques and a love of history. Funding his obsession by working as a school teacher, Ken worked at home, after hours and on weekends doing antique fairs. In 1989 the business started out in the small building in Latrobe Boulevard at the base of the Albion Wollen Mill. As the business expanded they slowly took over more of the woollen mill, now occupying two huge warehouses full of furniture. In 1998 ken's son Joel joined the business as an apprentice and during the time won several awards including apprentice of the year and a furniture industry training award. Under Ken, Joel has learned the traditional method of French polishing and together with their cabinet make Ian Sparks (an antique restorer from Bath, England), they lovingly restore each piece of furniture.