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Yallingup Maze

3059 Caves Road, Yallingup, Western Australia, 6282
Email: lost@yallingupmaze.com.au
Website: www.yallingupmaze.com.au
9128059 Phone Number: 61 08 9756 6500

Yallingup Maze – be surprised at the ever-changing maze. Conquer our challenging 3D Timber Maze, the configuration changes regularly for an interesting twist. Indoor activities for the ever-changing weather - amuse yourself with our complimentary puzzles and games, on the cafe tables, relax with a freshly ground coffee and enjoy a delicious snack from the café, family friendly choices and prices. Picnic in the beautiful parklands, includes picnic tables, play on the playground or with our outdoor games, pick up a puzzle or game from the eclectic gift shop and unwind overlooking the stunning Lake Vista.

Lake Cave, Margaret River, Western Australia
T-QUAL Accredited

Lake Cave

Caves Road, Margaret River, Western Australia, 6285
Email: welcome@margaretriver.com
Website: www.margaretriver.com.au
9009405 Phone Number: 61 08 9780 5911
Fax Number: 61 08 9757 3287

Lake Cave is a stunning crystal wonderland which plays on the mind of the child in all of us. Lying directly below CaveWorks, the educative headquarters of the Augusta Margaret River caves of the Leeuwin Naturaliste Ridge, this pristine cavern has delighted people of all ages. It’s highly recommended for children and adults, especially those new to the cave experience. Descend a staircase in time to gaze up at towering karri trees from a primeval lost world before entering one of the most stunning limestone caves in Western Australia. A testament to nature’s beauty, the mirrored reflections give a sense of peace in this cave. It’s easy to see why it was originally named by its first tour guide, Tim Connelly, as “The Queen of the Earth.” A light show highlights the many different features and visitors also get a taste of sitting in the underground darkness. Above ground, visit CaveWorks interpretive centre where children can go on the Cave Crawl. The Lake Cave tearooms nearby give you the chance to also enjoy a quick snack or meal. Lake Cave is relaxing 20 minutes drive south of Margaret River, along the famous Caves Road.

Clairault Wines, Wilyabrup, Western Australia
T-QUAL Accredited

Clairault Wines

3277 Caves Road, Wilyabrup, Western Australia, 6281
Email: clairault@clairaultwines.com.au
Website: www.clairaultwines.com.au
9033305 Phone Number: 61 08 9755 6225
Fax Number: 61 08 9755 6229

Established in 1976, Clairault is one of the pioneering vineyard-winery estates in Margaret River, Western Australia. A region of striking natural beauty; Margaret River has quickly become one of the world's most renowned premium wine producing regions and tourism destinations. Its rich terroir, Mediterranean climate, and close proximity to the cooling influences of the Indian and Great Southern oceans ensure consistent vintages and the creation of exceptional quality wines. Clairault's pristine undulating property with bountiful creek-lines, natural springs, and some of the oldest native forests in the south west, make for a unique and memorable setting. Its history, pedigree and forward-thinking approach has established Clairault's fast growing reputation as a serious player in Margaret River. Clairault offers a stunning setting, exceptional wines, gourmet cafe and a growing range of take home produce. Discover the special something that sets Clairault apart. Clairault Winery is located three and a half hours drive south of Perth, 20 minutes South of Dunsborough, or 30 minutes North of Margaret River.

Banksia Farm Enterprises, Mount Barker, Western Australia
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Banksia Farm Enterprises

Lot 288 Pearce Road, Mount Barker, Western Australia, 6324
Email: banksia@comswest.net.au
Website: www.banksiafarm.com.au
9023588 Phone Number: 61 08 9851 1770
Fax Number: 61 08 9851 1770

Banksia Farm Enterprises botanic gardens showcase the world’s only complete collection of 102 Banksia species, a café-gallery, nursery and luxurious bed and breakfast. Join Kevin for an eco-tourism treat with prolific birdlife and frogs, tours, walks and homemade food and coffee. Banksia Farm is easily located just two minutes from Mount Barker. The planting of thousands of Australian native plants over 20 years has transformed a formerly denuded farm paddock into a thriving ecosystem. Walk under the giant Banksia trees, witness the abundant birdlife and native marsupials of Australia, or choose one of the fascinating and interactive guided eco-tour options. In the Joseph Banks Fine Art Gallery, you’ll find some of Australia's best botanical artworks. Peruse the wildflower books, craft items, fresh or dried flowers, Banksia seeds and pods that are on display and available for your purchase. At the on-site nursery you can find a comprehensive range of banksias and dryandra seedlings. Other Banksia Farm features to enjoy include farm animals, fruit trees, and cottage gardens or stay the night in the homestead. Indulge yourself in the intriguing world of banksias. The Banksia Farm is a four and a half hour drive southeast of Perth.

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, Augusta, Western Australia
T-QUAL Accredited

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

Leeuwin Road, Augusta, Western Australia, 6290
Email: augusta@margaretriver.com
Website: www.margaretriver.com
9010212 Phone Number: 61 08 9758 0166
Fax Number: 61 08 9758 0174

This is truly one of the great capes of the world and also Western Australia's tallest lighthouse – Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse. The powerful Indian and Southern Oceans converge at this famous landmark. The historic Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse near Augusta is situated at the most south westerly tip of Australia. This famous landmark is over 100 years old and remains an important working lighthouse and collection point for meteorological data. Learn about the intriguing maritime history of the area, view fantastic marine life including dolphins, whales and seabirds and climb to the top to check out the wind speed. The Leeuwin Lighthouse café offers coffee, hot chocolate, scones and light meals. Browse the gift shop for souvenirs to take home. Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse is situated a leisurely 10 minutes drive south of Augusta.

Mammoth Cave, Margaret River, Western Australia
T-QUAL Accredited

Mammoth Cave

Caves Road, Margaret River, Western Australia, 6285
Email: welcome@margaretriver.com
Website: www.margaretriver.com
9009406 Phone Number: 61 08 9780 5911
Fax Number: 61 08 9757 3287

For those who like to explore caves at their leisure, Mammoth Cave offers the perfect opportunity to go it alone in safety. A CD audio self-guiding system provides a climate of independence for the Mammoth Cave visitor. Mammoth is a wonderfully wild cave and can be best described as the perfect home for caveman. An array of formations angle off in all directions and the natural light protruding through the entrance and exit give this cave a liveable feel. In this cave you can see all of nature’s fantastic forces at work. It is truly remarkable. Entry is made via a wide boardwalk which allows some disabled access into the first cavern. This awe inspiring cave is a natural time capsule and home to ancient fossil remains of extinct animals. Formations include the Mammoth shawl and the “Karri Forest” flowstone which seems to resemble the unique karri trees of the Augusta Margaret River region. A visit to Mammoth Cave is not complete without taking a stroll along the wonderful Marri Walk Trail. Mammoth Cave is 15 minutes south of Margaret River along Caves Road.

Western Australian Museum - Albany, Albany, Western Australia
T-QUAL Accredited

Western Australian Museum Albany

Residency Road, Albany, Western Australia, 6330
Email: albany@museum.wa.gov.au
Website: www.museum.wa.gov.au
9080649 Phone Number: 61 08 9841 4844

Kia Kia! (Welcome!) Experience the Albany region's rich culture - Aboriginal (Minang) and Wadjela (White) histories. Hear the Minang peoples Dreaming Stories of Kinjarling ('Place of Rain') in the Residency Building (once the colony's convict hiring depot). Learn about the region's natural histories and incredible biodiversity. Wander through the Bush Tucker, Frog and Lizard Gardens and stroll among the beautifully landscaped gardens overlooking the majestic Princess Royal Harbour and visit the Welcome Walls. The family-friendly Discovery Centre has lots of hands-on activities and themed workshops for children and young people. They offer school holiday programs, awarded early childhood programs and the unique Young Naturalists Club (see website for more details). The old Torbay One Teacher School enables a glimpse of the class room of yesteryear, whilst the old Mount Barker Co-op building houses travelling exhibitions and is the site of the 'Tuesday Curatorial' Public Program each school term. As well as a specialty book and gift shop, the Eclipse building houses travelling exhibitions, the stunning Eclipse Island optic, as well as artefacts from local lighthouses that once served the community. The friendly, knowledgeable staff will assist you to make the most of your visit.

Ngilgi Cave, Yallingup, Western Australia
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Ngilgi Cave

76 Yallingup Caves Road, Yallingup, Western Australia, 6282
Email: ngilgi@geographebay.com
Website: www.geographebay.com
9009465 Phone Number: 61 08 9755 2152
Fax Number: 61 08 9755 2022

Uncover a treasure trove of spectacular cave formations at every turn, as you explore Ngilgi Cave at your own pace. Hear stories of legendary battles, romantic escapades and close encounters from your expert guide, as you make your way to the Show Cave where you will be free to discover the beauty of Ngilgi. Extensive boardwalks lead you through the impressive chambers of this underground wonderland. Along the way, state of the art lighting illuminates hidden marvels, and highlights remarkable stalactites, helictites, shawls, columns and more. Or for the more adventurous, leave the boardwalks behind and descend 45 metres below the earth's surface on an adrenalin pumping Ngilgi Cave Adventure Tour. Led by torchlight and qualified guides, you will crawl and climb as you navigate your way through some of the most beautiful sections of this underground labyrinth not normally seen by the public.

Bunbury Dolphin Discovery Centre, Bunbury, Western Australia
T-QUAL Accredited

Bunbury Dolphin Discovery Centre

Lot 830 Koombana Drive, Bunbury, Western Australia, 6230
Email: info@dolphindiscovery.com.au
Website: www.dolphindiscovery.com.au
9009456 Phone Number: 61 08 9791 3088
Fax Number: 61 08 9791 3420

Bunbury Dolphin Discovery Centre brings you face-to-bottlenose with Koombana Bay's friendliest inhabitants, a pod of 100 wild dolphins. It's the only spot in Australia offering shore-based interaction and boat-based dolphin watching and swimming tours, with the added bonus of an educational Interpretive Centre. Under two hours south of Perth by road, the Dolphin Discovery Centre makes a memorable stop-off on your trip to the South West. If you're keen to tick one of the top bucket list items, this is the place to do it. Under the direction of the Centre's marine biologists, you can snorkel and swim with dolphins in their natural environment. If you'd prefer to wet your toes, wait for the dolphins to come to you in the designated interaction zone. Or, you can hop aboard a dolphin watching cruise. While you're waiting for the dolphins to make an appearance, step into the Discovery Room to learn more about these enchanting creatures and the remarkable research the centre has undertaken. Browse the Dolphin Shop for a souvenir, or stay for a bite to eat at the café. Grab a window seat or outdoor table overlooking the bay and watch the dolphins frolic in the shallows.

Busselton Jetty, Western Australia
T-QUAL Accredited

Busselton Jetty

Busselton Beachfront, Busselton, Western Australia, 6280
Email: marketing@busseltonjetty.com.au
Website: www.busseltonjetty.com.au
9010101 Phone Number: 61 08 9754 0903
Fax Number: 61 08 9754 3670

The Busselton Jetty experience takes you 1.8 kilometres out to sea, on the longest timber-piled jetty in the southern hemisphere, and the second longest in the world. Stroll or take a train ride over the waters of Geographe Bay to the Underwater Observatory, your window to Australia's best artificial reef. Just two hours 40 minutes south of Perth, Busselton Jetty is a must-see on your journey south. You'll find the entrance on the main swimming beach, a short walk from Busselton's high street. Built over 140 years ago, the jetty underwent an AUD27 million refurbishment, adding interpretive displays and shelters, fish cleaning bays, swimming platforms and heritage sculptures. At the end of your 1.7 kilometre walk or train ride, the Underwater Observatory invites you to take the eight metre plunge, via the stairs or lift, to the ocean floor. Through eleven viewing windows, you can marvel at forests of vividly coloured sub-tropical corals and sponges, and the sheer diversity of marine life, without zipping on a diving suit. Time your visit to coincide with the Ironman Western Australia Triathlon in summer and witness the spectacle of the world's best ironmen and women tackling the gruelling 3.6 kilometre jetty swim.


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