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Flinders Ranges Outback Epic Montain Bike Race, Hawker, Flinders Ranges and Outback, South Australia

Flinders Ranges Outback Epic Mountain Bike Race

Wilpena Rd, Hawker, South Australia, 5434
Website: www.eventstrategies.com.au/wp/flinders-ranges-outback-epic/
9173692 Phone Number: 61 08 8373 4580

From 01-Nov-2014 to 01-Nov-2014
Flinders Ranges Outback Epic Mountain Bike Race is the ultimate mountain bike challenge. In an ancient landscape, your time is limited- you must race the clock. The Flinders Ranges in South Australia is the location for this new endurance mountain bike race. Riders can choose from three distances- 64 kilometres, 109 kilometres or 205 kilometres. The Flinders Ranges By Bike Route provides the course route, with tracks and trails most riders with basic skills will find relatively easy. There is a 16 hour cut-off for the longest distance. Different categories are available for those wanting to ride unsupported and those wanting the help of private supporters. As a once-only incentive for riders to enter this year, you will receive guaranteed half price entry for any future events. For full details including frequently asked questions, maps and registration please refer to event website.

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