Glebe: Books and Bohemians

Sappho Books and Café, Glebe, NSW. © Destination NSW & Daniel Boud

Glebe: Books and Bohemians

Find ideas and ideals in Sydney’s bookwormish inner-city village.

Glebe is the bookwormish and often overlooked sister amongst Sydney’s glamorous inner-city suburbs. But who needs a high profile or designer fashion when you have ideals and intellectual mettle?

Sitting between two universities, this pretty peninsula is home to a vibrant community of students, academics, activists and new-agers. You’ll hear them discussing everything from chakras to Chavez in the cheap restaurants, cafes, bookstores, laundromats, health food shops and lively pubs.

Don’t miss the popular Saturday markets, where bargain hunters and bohemians flock for funky vintage clothes, massages and tempeh burgers. Trawl the second hand goods, records, furniture, arts, crafts, jewellery and bric-a-brac while listening to the soothing sounds of bongos and wind chimes. 

Lined with grand Victorian terraces, federation houses and modest workers' cottages, Glebe’s leafy streets are great for walking. Stroll along Glebe Point Road (GPR to the locals), stopping to browse boutiques and esoteric shops or look intellectual with a second-hand book. Drink coffee, eat cake, play cards and talk love, life and philosophy in cosy cafes. Restore your zen with massage, acupuncture or other alternative therapies. Then unleash your inner child in Bicentennial Park, overlooking Blackwattle Bay. This big green space comes complete with playing fields, a skateboard ramp, playground and barbecue facilities.

When it comes to dining, Glebe really is a global village. Thai, Indian, Japanese, Korean and Nepalese are just some of the flavours of the many cheap ethnic eateries. You’ll also find lots of upmarket restaurants winning quiet rave reviews. After dark, head to a funky cocktail bar, see greyhounds race at the local track or listen to an independent rock band at one of the intimate wine bars or pumping and unpretentious pubs. 

In Glebe, you can forget the glamour and focus on good times and great ideas.

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