Go Beyond 2000 in Canberra

Aerial view of Canberra, ACT. Image copyright © Canberra Tourism

Go Beyond 2000 in Canberra

Question: In which Australian city can you experience an earthquake that doesn’t leave any destruction, touch giant stick insects and see a chunk of moon rock that is 3.8 billion years old?

Answer: Canberra. Our nation’s capital is also a thriving centre for science and technology!

See a piece of moon rock at Canberra’s Deep Space Communications Complex and get close to a lightning bolt at Questacon.

Start your tour of Canberra’s cutting-edge attractions with an excursion into outer space at the Canberra Deep Space Communications Complex, a 40 minute drive from Canberra’s centre  You can’t miss the building  - it has four giant antennae including the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. Here you can check out a sizeable piece of moon rock, watch a space movie, view an astronaut’s wardrobe and get the latest updates from space.

Learn more about scientific innovations on earth at the CSIRO Discovery Centre, where you can experience a 3D touch sensitive computer, visit the virtual reality theatre, discover medical advances at the touch of a human body, and the see new age sheep.

When you are ready for more hands-on research, head to the only place in Australia where you can free fall from six metres high and take the entire family on a virtual roller coaster ride. Questacon- The National Science and Technology Centre – has seven galleries of interactive exhibits designed to excite kids and curious minds of all ages. Experience the violence of an earthquake, see lightning made before your eyes and understand the science of tornadoes, throwing a ball and the physics of sound.

A visit to Canberra makes answering science and technology questions a breeze.

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