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Terri Irwin - Naturalist and Author

Terri Irwin

There's Nothing Like...Getting Up Close and Personal with a Whale Shark.

Terri Irwin suggests heading to the bush to spot native animals in their natural environment.

3 Top Wildlife Spots

Cradle Mountain, TAS

1. Cradle Mountain, TAS

"For the best mammal action, you have to visit Cradle Mountain in Tasmania. You will walk among the wombats and wallabies. There are platypus in the ponds and lakes and you might even be lucky enough to spot a devil, echidna, or even a quoll."

Whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef, WA

Fossils near Winton, QLD

2. Ningaloo Reef, WA

"If you are more of an ocean dweller you won't want to miss swimming with whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef off the coast of Western Australia. This beautiful sea creature is also the largest fish in the ocean."

3. Outback Queensland

"If you like reptiles, then outback Queensland is for you. Winton is a wonderful place to start. The good people at Carisbrooke Station give wildlife tours and Winton is also a central location for dinosaurs. Lark Quarry, Richmond and Hughenden will all give you your fossil fix."

What is your favourite capital city to holiday in? Why?

"My favourite capital city to holiday in Australia would have to be Hobart. I love the spectacular views of the harbour, the museum, lovely restaurants and special shops. I also love that the spectacular Tasmanian wilderness is right on Hobart's doorstep."

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