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Shinju Matsuri, Broome, Western Australia

Shinju Matsuri Festival

Please see website for various venues, Broome, Western Australia, 6725
9029002 Phone Number: 61 08 9192 6461

From 05-Sep-2014 to 14-Sep-2014
Nowhere else in the world can you visit an Australian festival, with a Japanese name. Where a traditional Chinese dragon is the centre-piece and people proudly display their ethnic origins, and celebrate a pearling history that has made their getaway town the envy of the world. Shinju Matsuri is the premier arts, cultural and community festival in Broome, Western Australia. Shinju Matsuri will tempt your senses with an exciting whirlwind of colour, sound, taste and smell. The festival is held when the weather is perfect for the mostly outdoor events. The town buzzes with the excitement of this unique cultural celebration of Broome multicultural heritage and abundance of local talent. You are invited to be part of this great community celebration.

Staircase to the Moon, Western Australia

Staircase to the Moon

Roebuck Bay, Broome, Western Australia, 6725
9162091 Phone Number: 61 08 9195 2200

From 17-Mar-2014 to 11-Oct-2014
Witness a breathtaking natural phenomenon known as the Staircase to the Moon. It is caused by the rising of the full moon reflecting off the exposed mudflats at extremely low tide - creating a beautiful optical illusion of stairs reaching to the moon. It occurs along the coastline at Onslow, Dampier, Point Samson Peninsula, Hearson Cove, Port Hedland and Broome. The Staircase to the Moon in Broome is often complemented by local night markets at Town Beach. Here you can sample local fare, purchase crafts and delight in talented local entertainers. Dates: 17 to 19 March, 16 to 18 April, 15 to 17 May, 13 to 15 June, 12 to 15 July, 11 to 13 August, 9 to 11 September, 9 to 11 October 2014. Times vary for each location, so make sure to check with the local Visitor Centre for up to the minute information.

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