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Bundys Cultural Tours, Broome, Western Australia
T-QUAL Accredited

Bundys Cultural Tours

Kooljaman at Cape Leveque, Broome, Western Australia, 6725
Email: reservations@kooljaman.com.au
Website: www.bundysculturaltours.com.au
9193384 Phone Number: 61 08 9192 4970
Fax Number: 61 08 9192 4978

Come with Bundy for a truly unique Aboriginal cultural experience. Tours operate from the northern tip of the spectacular Dampier Peninsula, approximately 200 kilometres from Broome. With a range of tours - Bush Tucker Tour, Fish Poisoning Tour, Spear Making Tour or Night Fishing - there are options to suit everyone. Learn to make spears or how the Bardi people use a native plant to catch fish. Come to appreciate the abundance of seasonal food and understand the way the Aboriginal people understand the seasons and bush medicines. Or join Bundy's mob for night fishing with a twist!

Brian Lee Hunters Creek Tagalong Tours, Broome, Western Australia
T-QUAL Accredited

Brian Lee Hunters Creek Tagalong Tours

Kooljaman at Cape Leveque, Dampier Peninsula, Broome, Western Australia, 6725
Email: reservations@kooljaman.com.au
Website: www.brianleetagalong.com.au
9193300 Phone Number: 61 08 9192 4970

Brian Lee is a Bardi Aboriginal man operating tours from Kooljaman, on the tip of the spectacular Dampier Peninsula, 200 kilometres from Broome. Follow Brian to Hunters Creek on a tagalong tour (your own four wheel drive vehicle is essential). Take in the breathtaking scenery and meet some amazing locals, while Brian shares his country and unique Aboriginal perspective with you. Regular half day tours are available or you can design your own full day adventure for a personalised experience.

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Astro Tours

Broome Highway, Broome, Western Australia, 6725
Email: greg@astrotours.net
Website: www.astrotours.net
9033190 Phone Number: 61 04 1794 9958

Blowing your mind is the intention of Astro Tours. Have you ever looked up into the glorious night skies and wondered what it is all about? Astro Tours takes advantage of some of the best skies on the planet to run a two hour astronomy experience from April to December in Broome. Greg Quicke's intimate knowledge of the earth's environment comes from half a lifetime living under the sky watching the motions of the planets, the stars, the sun and the moon. Working as a Broome pearl diver started the journey for Greg, with a need to understand the moon's influence on the tides. Working the Kimberley station country as a mechanic sleeping in a swag helped to fine tune the experience. Greg's easy manner and homespun insights are so straightforward, they will easily trigger a few of your own as you become familiar with some of the brighter stars, constellations and planets. Big telescopes, lasers and a healthy dose of fun help to round out an educational and entertaining evening.

APT Kimberley Wilderness Adventures, Broome, Western Australia
T-QUAL Accredited

APT Kimberley Wilderness Adventures

44 Blackman Street, Broome, Western Australia, 6725
Email: info@kimberleywilderness.com.au
Website: www.kimberleywilderness.com.au
9010046 Phone Number: 61 03 9277 8444
Fax Number: 61 18 0065 5220

APT Kimberley Wilderness Adventures (KWA) has been operating four-wheel drive safari tours for the discerning traveller throughout the Kimberley for more than 15 years and is recognised as the touring experts in the region. Touring in small groups of up to only 20 travellers, KWA understands that touring is about more than just visiting an area; it is also about gaining an intimate understanding of the land and its people and learning about the flora and fauna in the Kimberley region.

KAS Helicopters
T-QUAL Accredited

KAS Helicopters

Hangar 5, Airport Drive, Derby Airport, Derby, Western Australia, 6728
Email: info@kashelicopters.com.au
Website: www.kashelicopters.com.au
9205633 Phone Number: 61 08 9191 1886

KAS Helicopters are the helicopter specialists of the Kimberley region of Western Australia offering a range of scenic flights and helicopter tours from Broome and Derby. With your safety as their number one priority at all times, they employ professional, well-trained pilots who possess many years' experience flying in remote areas. Their driving ambition is to showcase the Kimberley by air whilst providing customers with an extremely professional helicopter service, backed by skilled pilots, highly maintained and presented aircraft and the utmost regard for safety. No matter your requirements in the Kimberley, get off to a flying start with the specialist Kimberley team at KAS Helicopters.

Diversity Charter Company, Broome, Western Australia

Diversity Charter Company

Guy Street, Broome, Western Australia, 6725
Email: info@diversitycharters.com.au
Website: www.diversitycharters.com.au
9130425 Phone Number: 61 08 9192 6407
Fax Number: 61 08 9192 6417

Diversity Charter Company offers a unique range of extended cruising eco and fishing tours for a maximum of 12 guests per cruise along the Kimberley coast between the months of April to October. MV Diversity II is a 20-metre motor catamaran perfectly suited for the river systems and waterways of the Kimberley. Stylish and comfortable, it is the perfect platform for your Kimberley Adventure. With three five-metre purpose built tenders, operated by their experienced Skipper and Guides, you will visit not just the iconic locations of the Kimberley but other sites known to only a few. This allows them to give their guests a trip of a lifetime by 'mixing it up' with the ability to do whole group excursions or if a few want to walk/swim and others want to fish, they can cater for this, too. Multiple daily excursions including swimming, walking, exploring, fishing, art galleries, historic sites, pristine waterfalls or just relaxing. For the die-hard fisherperson, the crew have the expertise to throw you in amongst the most serious fishing action on offer in the Kimberley and the search for the elusive Barramundi. Diversity Charter Company supports catch and release. Cruise through their website for more information.

Broome Aviation, Broome, Western Australia
T-QUAL Accredited

Broome Aviation

Lot 1, 2 MacPherson Street, Broome, Western Australia, 6725
Email: nwregair@wn.com.au
Website: www.broomeaviation.com
9009792 Phone Number: 61 08 9192 1369
Fax Number: 61 08 9192 2476

As the longest established aviation company in the Kimberley, and boasting an enviable record for safety excellence, Broome Aviation is your ideal travelling partner in this spectacular region. With Broome's largest aircraft fleet, they can offer more scenic tour options for you to marvel at the Kimberley's many natural wonders. Their pilots possess a great deal of knowledge of the region's many attractions and they will share insights into the landscapes and waterways that will unfold below. Broome Aviation offer a choice of flights that may take you over the splendour of uninhabited islands of the Buccaneer Archipelago or the great expanse of the Prince Regent River or to numerous magnificent gorges. Fly over the Bungle Bungle Ranges or land and tour by four wheel drive. Visit Mt Hart station and over a cup of tea be regaled by stories of the outback. The options are limitless. Broome Aviation also make the promise, if the extensive range of tours do not meet your requirements, within the range of the aircraft, they will tailor a tour to suit your personal needs.

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Broome Hovercraft

1 Macnee Court, Broome, Western Australia, 6725
Email: broomehovercraft@bigpond.com
Website: www.broomehovercraft.com.au
9024808 Phone Number: 61 08 9193 5025

Broome Hovercraft currently operates hovercraft flights around the spectacular tidal reaches and mangrove habitats of Roebuck Bay. Operating out of the port precinct in Broome, overlooking the Deepwater Jetty and Roebuck Bay, we run up to six flights daily to experience a ride aboard one of the most adventurous types of transport, the Hovercraft. We access areas that cannot be reached by any other craft and take you to sights not visited by any other tour group. There are beautiful photographic opportunities along the route and many opportunities to see marine animals frolicking in the bay and flora and fauna long the coastline and up into the tidal creeks. This is a bird watchers paradise, with half a million water birds flying in from the far northern hemisphere. Our air-cushioned vehicles are the only commercial hovercraft operating within Australasia at this time. They seat up to 13 people, although we have two new craft that will seat 24 people arriving mid 2009. Broome Hovercraft offers a variety of tours around Roebuck Bay in their hovercraft, including a ferry service to the newly reopened Eco Beach Resort from the arrival date of the new bigger craft.

One Tide Charters, Derby, Western Australia

One Tide Charters

via, Derby, Western Australia, 6728
Email: onetide@wn.com.au
Website: www.onetide.com
9010574 Phone Number: 61 08 9193 1358
Fax Number: 61 08 9191 2233

Explore the Buccaneer Archipelago with One Tide Charters and enjoy a truly unique beach camping eco-adventure and camping safari, visiting remote pristine coastal wilderness areas of the Kimberley’s Buccaneer Archipelago aboard our catamaran purpose built for exploring these uncharted waters. The Buccaneer Archipelago, with its hundreds of islands, rivers and secluded bays is an adventurers dream. Vast, rugged, adventurous and one of the most pristine wilderness the Kimberley Region has to offer, it has spectacular waterfalls, crystal clear swimming holes, mangrove lined creek beds, lush rainforest vegetation, multi colour rock platforms, Indigenous rock art and historical places that marked European settlement of the Kimberley. Itinerary and departure and return dates can be altered to suit individual client preferences. All our cruises incorporate the magnificent Horizontal Waterfalls, where you will race through these natural phenomena for a thrill of a life time. With a minimum of four passengers, an extended cruise to the Buccaneer Archipelago becomes an exciting reality. So come with One Tide Charters to experience some of the most pristine wilderness the Kimberley region has to offer.

Kimberley Quest, Broome, Western Australia
T-QUAL Accredited

Kimberley Quest

Shop 5 Woody's Arcade, 15 Dampier Terrace, Broome, Western Australia, 6725
Email: cruise@kimberleyquest.com.au
Website: www.kimberleyquest.com.au
9039173 Phone Number: 61 08 9193 6131
Fax Number: 61 08 9193 6303

Kimberley Quest is a multi-award-winning, luxury Kimberley cruise company operating extended wilderness expeditions along the stunning Kimberley coast, cruising between Broome and Wyndham. The Kimberley Quest II is a 25 metre vessel that has been designed for relaxing and exploring the Kimberley coastline, its custom design allows them to visit areas many other Kimberley cruises simply cannot reach. Whilst on board guests can enjoy indoor and outdoor alfresco areas, a refreshing dip in the spa and gourmet cuisine prepared by the on-board chef. Cruising with a maximum of 18 guests, their personalised service and attention to every detail means you will enjoy the amazing surrounds in complete comfort and luxury. During your expedition you will explore untouched river systems, viewing ancient Aboriginal rock art and fishing the tidal creeks as well as discovering the in-depth history of the area, viewing the rugged cliffs, caves, waterfalls and gorges, spotting wildlife, taking refreshing dips in secluded waterholes and much more! The Kimberley is prolific with islands, whirlpools, inlets, extensive waterfalls, pristine beaches and unforgettable scenery that will take your breath away.

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