Australian Experience with John Vlahides

Kangaroo Island, SA. © Tourism Australia

Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Called by many “a zoo without walls,” rugged Kangaroo Island is an ecological haven. John Vlahides saw an echidna, koalas, sea lions and (of course) the island’s namesake animal, and took a walk on the Remarkable Rocks and the beach. “Everywhere you look, you spot wildlife. I’ve never seen a place like it,” John said.

Make John’s Trip Your Trip

Visit the Remarkable Rocks, located in Flinders Chase National Park. This enormous cluster of giant weathered boulders, which are huddled on top of a giant granite dome, live up to their name. Flinders Chase National Park is also home to a wide array of wildlife.

Take a wildlife tour and see many of the animals of Australia in their natural habitat. On land you can see kangaroos, wallabies, koalas and echidnas, while on the shore you’ll see little penguins, seals and sea lions, and possibly spot dolphins playing in the water.

Other Kangaroo Island Experiences

Explore Kangaroo Island’s gourmet food and drink offerings. Whether it’s local wineries, oyster farms, cheese-makers or honey makers, there are plenty of artisan food options. Then dine at a restaurant that focuses on locally sourced foods.

Kangaroo Island’s history is the history of the beginnings of South Australia. The earliest human settlements date back to possibly 16,000 years ago, when Aboriginal people settled and then left the island. South Australia’s first European settlement began at Reeves Point less than two hundred years ago, and many of those buildings still stand today.

If you’re a snorkeler or diver, you’ll find plenty of great sights in the waters surrounding Kangaroo Island. You can dive shipwrecks and see unique sea creatures like leafy sea-dragons, blue devils and harlequin.

Kangaroo Island is a surfer’s best-kept secret. The breaks are reliable, with crystal clear water and best of all, uncrowded.

See Kangaroo Island’s marine creatures and seabirds like dolphins, sea eagles, pelicans and more as you sail or kayak. Nepean Bay provides tranquil waters for sailing while more adventurous sailors can make an excursion to the north coast. The pristine waters also provide a perfect platform for kayaking.

Kelly Hill Conservation Park has extraordinary underground caves perfect for exploring.

The bushland trails and sand dunes of Kangaroo Island provide a perfect environment for all-terrain vehicle riding.

For more ideas on how to explore Kangaroo Island, see this four day Kangaroo Island itinerary.

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