Brunswick Street dengan ciri Bohemia

Bohemian Brunswick Street

Find art, fashion and food on Melbourne’s Soho strip.
Boredom isn’t an option on Brunswick Street, the vibrant Melbourne strip where people from all walks of life go to shop, eat, drink, meet and dance.

Here in Fitzroy, the city’s bohemian heart, you’ll see long-haired urban nomads sipping lattes next to the clean-cut businesspeople and second-hand stores next to high-fashion boutiques.  It will take you a good day to trawl all the stores, a colourful lineup of pop and alternative cultures that stretch between Victoria and Alexandria Parade.  Have your tarot cards read or your nails done, buy an esoteric book or a best-seller, bag a retro clothing bargain or a designer dress. Try on fetish clothing, browse fringe art galleries or listen to live music in an old-style pub. This is a street where anything goes, as long as it’s in a vaguely artistic spirit.

Stop at a cute, colourful cafe when the shopping bags get too heavy or you want to discuss the artworks and hairstyles you’ve seen. Or lunch at one of Melbourne’s best gastro pubs or cheap ethnic eateries, an eclectic mix of Malaysian, Vietnamese and Thai. You’ll also find organic vegetarian restaurants, hamburger joints, souvlaki cafes and tapas bars. After dark, the party continues in the restaurants and legions of lively nightspots. As well as clubs, pubs and hip wine bar bars, you’ll find venues for jazz and salsa.  From September to October, Brunswick Street also comes alive with circus, cabaret, music, dance and comedy acts during the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Expect to feel excited, alive and curious. About only thing you won’t notice on Brunswick Street is boredom.

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