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National Road Transport Hall of Fame, Alice Springs Area, Northern Territory, Australia
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National Road Transport Hall of Fame

Norris Bell Avenue, Alice Springs, Northern Territory, 0870
Email: info@roadtransporthall.com
Website: www.roadtransporthall.com
9049636 Phone Number: 61 08 8952 7161
Fax Number: 61 08 8952 9895

The National Road Transport Hall of Fame is a museum that is unique to most other road transport museums throughout the world in that it has taken a lateral approach to the restoration of its world. Vehicles are props to the trials and tribulations of road transport pioneers covering all forms of road transport, from the camel strings of old to today’s modern roadtrains and stretchliner coaches. With vehicles displayed in their working day condition maintained by ‘bush mechanics and engineers’ in those days, the National Road Transport Hall of Fame aims to truly represent Australia’s road transport.

You can discover what it's like to be inside one of our aircraft and look inside a replica fuselage of a Pilatus PC12.
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Royal Flying Doctor Service

8 to 10 Stuart Terrace, Alice Springs, Northern Territory, 0870
Email: reservations@flyingdoctor.net
Website: www.rfdsalicesprings.com.au
9000834 Phone Number: 61 08 8958 8412
Fax Number: 61 08 8958 8490

Learn the history of the Royal Flying Doctor Service and Rev John Flynn its founder.. Today's visitors have the opportunity to see exactly what it is like to be inside a full-size replica of a modern PC 12, a part of the exciting new collection. Other highlights include touch screen portals that provide insight into the lives of RFDS personnel, a 70-seat theatre, a café, conference and function facilities. The 'Doc Shop' retail store within the Tourist Facility has also been expanded and now sells a wide range of souvenirs, books, clothing, jewelry, gifts and DVDs. An innovative line is a selection of co-branded RFDS and R.M. Williams clothing that has the Bush Outfitter's famous Longhorn logo displayed beside the RFDS' insignia. The Café serves a range of sumptuous foods and fabulous coffee. Don't forget to take a look at the Art Gallery located in the Café. This recent addition features Aboriginal and Contemporary style paintings by renowned Australian artists. Visit the Royal Flying Doctor Service Alice Springs Tourist Facility and WEAR YOUR SUPPORT to help keep the Flying Doctor flying. The last tour commences at 4pm.

The Overlanders Steakhouse, Alice Springs Area, Northern Territory, Australia
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The Overlanders Steakhouse

72 Hartley Street, Alice Springs, Northern Territory, 0870
Email: sth@overlanders.com.au
Website: www.overlanders.com.au
9000647 Phone Number: 61 08 8952 2159
Fax Number: 61 08 8953 2670

For a hearty meal head to the Overlanders Steakhouse, a welcoming restaurant located in the building that was once the Alice Springs town hall. The steakhouse has a long history of offering unique dining experiences. Find a table and order a steak in the refurbished rustic building. On the menu is the famous Drovers Blowout - a four-course eating adventure that starts off with soup and damper, continues with a platter of such meats as emu, crocodile, camel, barramundi, beef, and kangaroo, lets you choose a barramundi or rump steak main, and finishes with apple pie or pavlova. Accommodation pick-ups and drop offs are available as part of the Drovers Blowout package. There is a souvenir menu for you to take home and an a la carte menu is also available. The Overlanders Steakhouse was established in 1971 to honour 'overlanders' - the men and women of the outback who were the people involved in the largest movements of cattle in the history of Australia. Also honoured are explorers, miners, settlers and bush workers.

National Pioneer Womens Hall of Fame, Alice Springs Area, Northern Territory, Australia
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National Pioneer Womens Hall of Fame

2 Stuart Terrace, Old Alice Springs Gaol, next to the Royal Flying Doctor Service, Alice Springs, Northern Territory, 0870
Email: operations@pioneerwomen.com.au
Website: www.pioneerwomen.com.au
9000676 Phone Number: 61 08 8952 9006
Fax Number: 61 08 8952 9406

A museum of national importance founded in 1993 by Molly Clark from Old Andado Station, the National Pioneer Women's Hall of Fame celebrates the special contribution of women to Australia's heritage. A pioneer woman is any woman who is a pioneer in her chosen field, referring not only to the traditional meaning of the word - a colonist, explorer or settler in a new land - but to anyone who is an innovator or developer of something new. Permanent exhibitions include, 'Ordinary Women/ Extraordinary Lives - Women First in Their Field' and the Signature Quilt, 'Women at the Heart' (Central Australia), 'Women's Work of Yesteryear' and the Aviatrix Tapestry. Other current exhibitions include 'Celebrating the Central Australian Kitchen' and 'For Love and Punishment, who prepares the prisoners' meals' (2011 Women's History Month theme), 'Desert Honeymoon - Bertha Strehlow and the Peterman Ranges Expedition of 1936' and 'Tribute to NT Women'. NPWHF is located at the Old Alice Springs Gaol, the Gaol buildings are open to visitors and gaol stories are told in a complementary booklet. Exhibits illustrating life in the gaol are being developed. Visitors see two unique heritage attractions at one great location.

Lasseters Hotel Casino - Alice Springs Area Northern Territory
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Lasseters Hotel Casino

93 Barrett Drive, Alice Springs, Northern Territory, 0870
Email: reservations.lhc@lasseters.com.au
Website: www.lhc.com.au
9072442 Phone Number: 61 08 8950 7777
Fax Number: 61 08 8953 1680

Nestled at the foot of the spectacular West MacDonnell Ranges, Lasseters Hotel Casino is the centre of excitement in Alice Springs. You can enjoy great entertainment, dining and gaming. Try your hand at blackjack, roulette or other games including slot machines and TAB facilities. Enjoy a drink in the beer garden or on the deck at The Juicy Rump or sit back and relax in the Casbah with a coffee or cocktail.

Alice Springs Telegraph Station, Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia
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Alice Springs Telegraph Station Historical Reserve

Herbert Heritage Drive, off the Stuart Highway, Alice Springs, Northern Territory, 0870
Email: trailstation@outbackcycling.com
Website: www.alicespringstelegraphstation.com.au
9000585 Phone Number: 61 08 8952 3993

The Alice Springs Telegraph Station Historical Reserve preserves the original stone buildings of The Telegraph Station, which have been restored with furnishings and artefacts from the early 1900s. Wander through the grounds and buildings and use the special franking stamp to post a letter at the post office. Set against the magnificent MacDonnell Ranges, the reserve is also a popular place for a walk, picnic and watching wildlife. The Alice Springs Telegraph Station is the best preserved of the 12 stations along the Overland Telegraph Line, which was established in 1872 to relay messages between Darwin and Adelaide. The reserve marks the original site of the Alice Springs settlement, which took its name after the waterhole a short distance to the east of the station. The Station operated for 60 years, then served as a school for Aboriginal children. Located 4 kilometres north of Alice Springs, the reserve is accessible by two-wheel drive vehicle. There's a walking or cycling track into the reserve from the Stuart highway and the Todd River. Entry to the reserve is free but an entry fee applies to the historic precinct and includes a tour.

Alice Springs Reptile Centre, Alice Springs Area, Northern Territory, Australia
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Alice Springs Reptile Centre

9 Stuart Terrace, Alice Springs, Northern Territory, 0870
Email: frank@reptilecentre.com.au
Website: www.reptilecentre.com.au
9000560 Phone Number: 61 08 8952 8900
Fax Number: 61 08 8952 8700

The Alice Springs Reptile Centre specialises in things that hiss and slither, which are rare, impossible, or undesirable to come across in the wild. Home to over 100 reptiles, the centre displays its inhabitants in recreations of their natural environment. Enter the gecko cave to see the different species of this diminutive and shy lizard from around Alice Springs, the Barkly Tablelands and the Top End. Terry the saltwater crocodile is in an enclosure with glass panels that give you a glimpse into his underwater world and afford great photo opportunities. See huge perentie goannas, and the show of frill-necked lizards, and desert-dwelling thorny devils. Handle a python or see the lizards being fed. Some of the world's most venomous snakes, including inland taipans, brown snakes, death adders and mulga (king brown) snakes are on display safely behind glass. The Alice Springs Reptile Centre is open daily. If you are visiting during the cooler months of May to August, the recommended viewing times are between 11am and 3pm when the reptiles are most active. Talks are conducted daily at 11am, 1pm and 3.30pm.

N'Dhala Gorge Nature Park, Alice Springs Area, Northern Territory

NDhala Gorge Nature Park

90 kilometres east of Alice Springs, via Ross Highway, Alice Springs, Northern Territory, 0870
Website: www.nretas.nt.gov.au/national-parks-and-reserves/parks/find/ndhalagorge
9000682 Phone Number: 61 08 8951 8250
Fax Number: 61 08 8951 8290

N'Dhala Gorge Nature Park is a fascinating site that protects thousands of prehistoric rock carvings. Located within the East MacDonnell Ranges, 90 kilometres east of Alice Springs, this important archaeological and heritage site also protects rare plants. Follow the 1.5 kilometre (one hour return) marked walking track into the gorge. Signs along the track interpret some of the approximately 6,000 individual stone engravings or petroglyphs. N'Dhala Gorge is also significant for its rare plants such as the Peach-leafed Poison Bush and the Undoolya Wattle. N'Dhala Gorge Nature Park contains Eastern Arrernte men's sacred sites, including petroglyphs, art sites and shelter sites. The traditional owners call the area Ilwentje. The petroglyphs have been created using either a fine pecking or pounding technique, which are thought to have been used in two different periods. Access to the nature park is via the Ross Highway. Once you pass the Ross River Homestead the track becomes accessible to four-wheel drive vehicles only. Pitch a tent in the bush camping area, which has toilets and picnic tables (camping fees apply). No water is provided so visitors should bring their own supplies.

Finke Gorge National Park, Hermannsburg, Northern Territory, Australia

Finke Gorge National Park

Larapinta Drive, 140 kilometres west of Alice Springs, Hermannsburg, Northern Territory, 0872
Website: www.nretas.nt.gov.au/national-parks-and-reserves/parks/find/finkegorge
9000712 Phone Number: 61 08 8951 8250
Fax Number: 61 08 8951 8290

Explore the ancient landscapes of Finke Gorge National Park, 140 kilometres west of Alice Springs. Walk into valleys of rare plants, or follow a popular four-wheel drive route. The 46,000-hectare park protects the desert oasis Palm Valley, home to a diverse range of rare and unique plant species. Those plants include the Red Cabbage Palm, which is only found here - botanic remnants from millions of years ago, when Central Australia was lush with tropical forests. The Finke River is claimed to be one of the oldest in the world, with areas dating back 350 million years. For experienced four-wheel drivers, the popular Finke drive route is an adventurous drive down the Finke River to Illamurta Springs Conservation Reserve and Watarrka National Park. The park and nearby areas are significant to the Western Arrernte Aboriginal people and there is also evidence of early European settlement. Follow one of the marked trails short distances to survey the area from lookouts, or to find out more about the mythology of the Western Arrernte Aboriginal culture. Pitch a tent in the campground - toilets, showers and gas barbecues are provided and fees apply.

Maruku Retail Gallery, Uluru Area, Northern Territory, Australia

Maruku Retail Gallery

Cultural Centre, Uluru Kata-Tjuta National Park, Yulara, Northern Territory, 0872
Email: punu@maruku.com.au
Website: www.maruku.com.au
9000739 Phone Number: 61 08 8956 2153
Fax Number: 61 08 8956 2410

Enjoy the handcrafted work direct from the desert country of Central Australia. The beautifully displayed gallery gives you the perfect opportunity to meet, understand the culture and purchase works from the artists, knowing that all funds are return to the Anangu people. There's no better reason or place to buy art work than at the base of Uluru / Ayers Rock. Maruku Arts and Crafts was established in 1984 by and for Aboriginal people in response to a growing need for effective co-ordination of marketing and support services to Aboriginal craftspeople living within the Central Desert Lands. Maruku Retail Gallery, 'Punuku Ngurra' is located at the Cultural Centre within Uluru Kata -Tjuta National Park, providing a service to some 800 craftsperson's living in communities and homelands. Items are sold through the Maruku Retail Gallery and wholesale to shops and galleries throughout the world and through prestige exhibitions. To enjoy Maruku Retails Gallery you must enter Uluru Kata-Tjuta National Park. An entry fee of AUD25.00, per person over the age of 16 years, for a consecutive three day pass is required.