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You’ll be spoilt for choice with Australian accommodation. We have boutique hotels and backpackers, luxury resorts and self-serviced apartments, rustic country pubs and camping. You can expect friendly service and the best standards in whichever budget range you choose. Find out more about the different types of accommodation, what facilities they offer and how much they might cost.



Relax in a resort where everything you need is in reach. You’ll enjoy spacious, high-quality accommodation and a huge range of guest services, tours and activities. Australian resorts are the ideal way to relax in stunning natural locations - from Queensland’s Hamilton Island to the wine country of South Australia. The activities are tailored to your location, so depending where you are, you can hit the ski slopes, go scuba diving or sip cocktails by the pool.


Stay in a room or suite, speed dial services such as room service and babysitting and enjoy facilities ranging from pools and fitness centres to restaurants and bars. You’ll find most major international hotel brands in Australia’s big holiday destinations and major cities. Ratings range from two to five stars and prices vary accordingly.


Take a rest from your road trip at a motel, which offers comfortable accommodation at a reasonable price. Rooms typically include a private bath or shower, television, tea and coffee-making facilities and a small fridge. Most have in-room breakfast menus, while the larger ones have restaurants.

Serviced apartments and holiday units

Enjoy space, privacy and the convenience of kitchen and laundry facilities in a self-contained apartment or holiday unit. These are an ideal, cost-effective option if you are traveling with a family or large group or want to spend more than a couple of days in one place. Spread out in the living areas and enjoy cooking your own meals. You’ll find serviced and non-serviced options depending on where you stay.

Bed and breakfasts

Stay in a bed-and-breakfast for a welcoming family feel and hearty home-cooked meals. You’ll find these small, family-run establishments everywhere, from historic houses to miners' cottages, country homesteads to inner-city townhouses. They offer comfortable rooms at a reasonable price and the owners are often a good source of information. 

Farm stays

Wake with the rooster crow on a small farm or learn to shear sheep on an outback station of more than a million acres. Sleep in basic beds under a tin roof or enjoy luxurious accommodation on a rambling homestead. On a farm stay, you can experience the wide open spaces going horse riding, fishing, swimming and bushwalking. Get into the daily routine mending fences, mustering cattle from horseback, yabbying or driving a four wheel drive across the property. Experience misty mornings and rusty red sunsets, hearty country food and open campfires. You can even end your day in a warm artesian spa under the stars. Farm stays let you leave the hustle of city life behind for country hospitality and back-to-basic living on the land. 

Camping and caravan sites

Soak up the great outdoors camping or campervanning in Australia’s scenic countryside. You can pitch your tent in a national park or head to one of the many well-equipped camping and caravan parks. Offering electricity, hot showers, laundry facilities and barbecue areas, they keep life on the road clean and civilised. To protect our fragile environment, rules and regulations apply in national parks and camping grounds. For an all-amenities road trip where you never get lost, try a month-long guided caravan tour. Or combine luxury and wilderness with glamorous camp-style retreats in the outback, forest, desert or on the beach.

Hostels and backpackers

Stay in beach huts and tree houses in Queensland or sleep deep underground in South Australia. Whether you’re a backpacker, flashpacker or just on a budget, Australia has hostel accommodation from the outback to our city centres. As well as saving you money, hostels are a great way to meet other travellers. You can trade stories or team up to tackle more Australian adventures.

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A guide to star ratings

  • 5 stars
  • 5 stars

Superior standard and an extensive range of first-class guest services

  • 4 - 4½ stars
  • 4 stars

Exceptional standard with high-quality furnishings and comfort

  • 3 - 3½ stars
  • 3 stars

Well-appointed establishments with comfortable, clean rooms and quality furnishings

  • Less than 3 stars

A basic, well-maintained standard

  • Serviced apartments

Fully equipped apartments, 1-3 bedrooms with living area, complete with kitchen, laundry and separate bathroom

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