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Cedar Creek Falls, Airlie Beach, The Whitsundays

Cedar Creek Falls

Conway Road, Proserpine, Queensland, 4800
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Located approximately 20 kilometres from Proserpine on Saltwater Creek Road, off Conway Beach Road is the picturesque Cedar Creek Falls. These waterfalls are spectacular in the wet season and offer a year-round natural swimming pool at the base of the falls. They are set in a natural rock amphitheatre. The flora and fauna will amaze you, particularly the strangler figs, red and white cedars and wild orchids. There are also bush walks up and around the falls. Majestic Alexandra Palms line the creek as it continues its journey to the ocean. Please note that jumping or diving off the waterfall is dangerous and strictly prohibited.

The River, The Whitsundays, Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef - Whitsundays

Great Barrier Reef, Whitsundays, Queensland, 4802
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Said to be the world's largest living structure and the only one visible from outer space, the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef is often referred to as the eighth wonder of the world. The Great Barrier Reef stretches over 2,000 kilometres and is home to tens of thousands of species of brilliantly coloured fish, coral and other marine life including whales, dolphins and turtles. If diving is your passion, then this is your paradise. The Great Barrier Reef is a divers Mecca, and the Whitsundays has companies catering for every skill level from student to novice to dive master. If snorkelling is more your style, then the warm shallow waters of the Great Barrier Reef in the Whitsundays provide some of the most colourful fish and coral formations anywhere in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. There are ample opportunities for beginner divers, inexperienced and experienced divers to experience the wonders of the underwater world in the Whitsundays. The Whitsundays is recognised as having some of the best fishing in Queensland. Charter vessels operating out of Shute Harbour, Airlie Beach and the resort islands offer a variety of trips to the rich waters of the outer Great Barrier Reef.

The Hangover Dive Site

The Hangover Dive Site

Great Barrier Reef, Whitsundays, Queensland, 4802
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The Hangover, located off Airlie Beach on the Great Barrier Reef, is a wall dive with exciting terrain to be negotiated by the diver. Larger marine life such as Giant Trevally, Barramundi, Cod and Mackeral to be found in this pelagic area. No previous history of this site, so surface and tell them what you saw!

Spion Kop Track

Spion Kop Track

South Molle Island National Park, South Molle Island, Queensland, 4803
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Rainforest, windswept hillsides, rocky headlands with majestic hoop pines, sandy beaches and secluded coves make Molle Islands National Park a scenic retreat for nature lovers. Located on the Northern side of South Molle, the Spion Kop track leads through eucalypt forest, rainforest and open grasslands. A seasonal colony of flying foxes can sometimes be seen and heard early on in the walk. The track passes through an area of shattered rock high on the hillside. This is an Aboriginal stone quarry of the Ngaro people. The stone here is a fine grain volcanic rock and was used for making weapons and tools. One of the most spectacular parts of this walk are the views not only from the saddle of the mountain but from the lookout on Spion Kop. From the lookout you can take in spectacular views of Hook, Whitsunday, Hamilton, Dent, Pine, Planton and Long Islands to the east.

Conway State Forest

Conway State Forest

Airlie Beach-Shute Harbour Road, Airlie Beach, Queensland, 4802
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In Conway State Forest along the rugged Conway Range, explore lowland tropical rainforest, picturesque creeks and lofty peaks overlooking Airlie Beach. This forest is home to 20 rainforest plants found only in this region and offers a refuge for wildlife. The buff-breasted paradise-kingfisher migrates from Papua New Guinea to breed here. Discover the forest's secrets on a short or long walk. Three walks begin from the carpark, ranging from the two kilometre Kingfisher circuit to the 30 kilometre, three-day Whitsunday Great! Walk (which is closed during February and March). Camping fees apply and bookings are essential. Look for brilliant blue Ulysses butterflies. Get a sense of the history of the region from old snigging tracks used for carting timber in logging days. Tracks may be closed in wet weather; check conditions before setting out.

Conway State Forest

Wompoo Walk

Conway National Park, Proserpine, Queensland, 4800
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Enjoy a different Whitsunday experience and escape to the tropical refuge of the Conway Ranges in Conway National Park. This park contains lowland tropical rainforest remnants and picturesque rocky creeks. Stroll down an old logging road through tall, lush rainforest and notice seedlings fighting for light in small clearings. After veering left, you will reach a calm creek lined with Alexandra palms. You might catch a glimpse of a little kingfisher and hear the deep, resonating calls of wompoo fruit-doves. The Wompoo Walk is the start of the Whitsunday Great Walk.

Hill Inlet Lookout

Hill Inlet Lookout

Whitsunday Islands National Park, Whitsundays, Queensland, 4802
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This track leads to one of the world's most photographed landscapes and is highly recommended for those seeking spectacular views. The winding track travels uphill through woodland and dry rainforest to two lookouts. After admiring the majestic vistas over Hill Inlet-a highly significant area for the Ngaro Aboriginal people-you can follow the loop track back down the hill.

Bareboaters often moor near Langford Island for a day picnic and walk

Langford Island

Langford Island, Whitsundays, Queensland, 4802
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Langford Island, near Hayman Island in the northern Whitsundays is a popular spot with sailors, divers and snorkellers. Many of the bareboats and crewed sailing boats will anchor near Langford Island. Langford Island is relatively small, but features a long sand spit that all but disappears at high tide. This is an excellent spot for a picnic, sunbathing, swimming and snorkelling. The best diving is found on the north-western end of the beach where scattered bommies offer an interesting maze to explore and there are a few shallow walls at the eastern end of the island. The majority of fish life is small, but abundant. Expect reasonable protection from all but the strongest wind conditions and moderate tidal currents at all but slack tides. Snorkellers will enjoy the ability to snorkel straight off the length of the beach, with the best areas to explore being closest to the island.

Proserpine Historical Museum exterior

Proserpine Historical Museum

192 Main Street, Proserpine, Queensland, 4800
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Visit the Historical Proserpine Museum, where you can learn about the interesting history of this sugar cane and cattle town. The establishment of a permanent museum in the Whitsunday region was a major initiative with strong support throughout the whole community. The facility is a multi-purpose venue, which houses the museum collection, and offers the opportunity for genealogical and extensive local history research. It affords educational benefits to locals and visitors alike has been embraced as a cultural centre for local arts and crafts, book fairs and travelling exhibitions. The museum bridges the decades since Federation with historical, thought-provoking displays that showcase the most significant achievements of the region during the last century.

Mama Africa Bar and Niteclub

Mama Africa Bar and Niteclub

263 Shute Harbour Road, Airlie Beach, Queensland, 4802
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Mama Africa Bar and Niteclub provides a great venue where you can let your hair down and party "Airlie Style". For quiet after dinner drinks get in early, after midnight the place really starts to pump. The bartenders will add a bit of flair as they make up new age cocktails with the popular Cocktail Club on every night from 10.00p.m. to midnight. Airlie's Top DJ's will get everyone up and dancing on the zebra striped dance floor and Fox Sports on all the Plasma televisions will keep the boys happy. From the mural staircase to fiberglass cave entranceway you will be blown away from the moment you enter. The décor is complete with traditional African artwork, comfortable lounges, big windows overlooking the main street and sound and lighting equal to anything you might find in the city. Ask any local about the nightlife in Airlie and the first place they mention will be Mama Africa or "Mama's" as it is fondly referred to. Tourists and locals alike all love the small cosy nature of the venue and people from all over the world rate a visit to Mama Africa as a must do activity whilst in Airlie Beach.


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