See Australia on Travel Channel’s Trip Flip!

Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

Professional fun-seeker and travel expert Bert Kreischer convinces two random people to spontaneously agree to a 3-day surprise Australian vacation on Travel Channel’s Trip Flip.

In the first episode of the second season, Bert takes Ryan and Katie on a wild adventure around Cairns. They explore the most extreme experiences available in the Daintree Rainforest and Great Barrier Reef, including a bungee jump with A.J. Hackett, the man who brought bungee jumping to the world. Below, watch a special web-only look at their rainforest whitewater rafting trip!

Bert then takes Tom and Robyn on an adventure in and around Sydney. Their journey includes rappelling down waterfalls, hanging with koalas and kangaroos, diving with sharks and much more. Below, watch as Tom and Robyn get a crash course in lifeguarding at Bondi Beach in Sydney and receive a 5-star spa day in the heart of the Blue Mountains.

A Unique Aussie Experience

Bert arranges a “truly unique Aussie experience” for Los Angeles couple Tom and Robyn – a crash course in lifesaving from the Bondi Beach Lifesaving Club. Bert makes sure that once they’re in uniform, they get the “slow motion Baywatch shot.” Bert, Robyn and Tom get to experience every type of rescue the club performs, from using rescue boards to the “rubber duckie” rescue.

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Lilianfels Spa and Resort

After canyoning through the Blue Mountains and rappelling down a waterfall, Tom and Robyn are in need of a little downtime. Bert arranges a couple’s spa treatment for Robyn and Tom, requesting every item on the spa’s menu. While the couple receives their treatment, they get a brief surprise visit from an unexpected masseur.

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Rafting Through the Rainforest

In this web-exclusive clip, Bert surprises Katie and Ryan by arriving riding on top of a white water raft that is being drawn on a trailer behind a tour bus. Tour guide Luke leads Bert, Katie and Ryan on a thrilling ride through the rapids of the Barron River, which flows through the breathtaking Daintree Rainforest. They make it through the most difficult rapid, the Rooster Tail, but it turns out Bert’s not the only one with a surprise - the river has a surprise in store for Ryan as well!

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