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Jazz Festival at Glenelg, South Australia. © SATC

What's On

From rock 'n' roll dens to summer festivals, quirky outback races to titanic sporting contests, follow Australia's thriving music, arts, sports and events scenes.

Major Events

From international food and wine festivals and art exhibitions to action-packed cycling and running marathons, Australia hosts many world class events.

Music Festivals

Australia has a reputation for producing world-class musical performers. Discover avant-garde and fringe performers at cultural festivals in our major cities.

Arts Events

Throughout the year Australian cities present a series of major arts festivals, showcasing local and international theatre, dance, visual arts, music, food and wine.

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Cultural Events

Throughout the year Australia hosts many events celebrating our unique cultural identity. Join as the whole country celebrates on Australia Day.

Sporting Events

It’s easy to go sports mad in Australia, which hosts events for cricket fans, footy fiends, rugby lovers, rev-heads and marathon runners.

Food & Wine Events

Australia is renowned for its fine fresh gourmet produce and wines of world-acclaim. Almost every city hosts a major food and wine festival every year.

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Beach Events

Australia is all about the sun, surf, sand and beach events in summer. The surf events action really heats up between February and April, when Australia hosts the Association of Surfing Professionals World Championship Tour Series.

Horse Racing Events

Australia’s horse racing carnivals combine superb racing with high fashion, entertainment and excitement. Australia has a long history of racing horses and has produced some of the world’s greatest racehorses.

Natural Events

From the six seasons of Kakadu to the Phantom Falls of the Blue Mountains, Australia has a wonderful array of events throughout the year so visitors can get up close to Australia’s beautiful nature.

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Regional and Outback Events

Australia’s vast wide open spaces lend themselves to some uniquely Australian events you’re unlikely to experience anywhere else.

Aboriginal Events & Festivals

Australia’s Aboriginal people celebrate and share their culture at many colourful traditional and contemporary festivals throughout the year.

Uniquely Australian Events

Celebrations are a part of the Australian culture, which might explain why we have so many rich and rare events.

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