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Curtis Stone's Australia

Curtis Stone's Favorite Beaches

Australia's beaches are special, says Stone. "The beaches are huge and mostly untouched once you're out of the cities...You can find beaches that go for miles with not another soul on them." Here's three of his favorites.

Top Foodie Destinations

What makes the Australian food scene unique? "We have so much young culinary talent rising up through the ranks," says Curtis. For Curtis' can't miss dishes start with Western Australia Marron Tail with Oyster Mushrooms dish from Vue de monde, the 9 course tasting menu at Sepia and the Oeufs en Gelee dish from Hubert. Also make sure to get outside for Australia's other culinary experiences. "Our (usually) good weather helps, along with the fact that Aussies are generally pretty excited about food - more and more so these days." Here's his favorite places to experience Australian food and wine.

Top Aquatic Adventure Spots

Ask Curtis his favorite Australian aquatic adventures and you'll get a long list. "Diving in the Great Barrier Reef to see all kinds of marine life, then there’s seals in Victoria and great whites in South Australia. Snorkelling at city beaches, swimming with whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia, surfing at Bondi, kite surfing at Port Douglas, cruising Sydney Harbour – so much of our leisure activity takes place either on, in, or by the water."