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5 typical Aussie foods to try

5 typical Aussie foods to try

How to eat like an Aussie

By Siobhan Petri

Before you get all caught up in the good ol’ stereotypes of vegemite and a shrimp on the barbie, can we just say that Aussie food is great? Because it is. It really is. We’re super busy down here creating some damn fine cuisine and we have more fresh produce and artisan options you can poke your eco-friendly biodegradable wooden fork at. So, here are a few of the stalwart faves you’re going to have to try while you’re down under.

Sights from Australia's famous cafe culture

Avocado (Avo) on Toast

If avo on toast was an actor it would be Javier Bardem - delicious, multi-talented and at times, a little bit exotic. Smash it up with feta cheese, sprinkle it with sesame seeds and sea salt and if you’re brave layer it over vegemite (another Aussie breakfast staple). Porch and Parlour does a great avo on Bondi Beach. If you’re in Melbourne try Grub. In mah belly!

Bacon and Egg Roll

Okay so we stole the bacon and eggs part from Britain but in our defense we’ve taken it to a whole new level. There is nothing wrong with tomato sauce (ketchup) but there is everything right about sweetly caramelised onions and fresh and spicy tomato relish.  Cafes all around the country are adding their own unique locally sourced produce, adding international flavours and turning a simple ‘50 shades of beige’ B&E roll into an mouth watering art form. The Kepos Street Kitchen brioche B&E roll with Chilli Jam is definitely something to write home about, or add a dollop of house aioli, a slice of cheese, spread of avo at Brisbane’s Let Minnow Cafe.


Ah, the simple lamington. A square of sponge cake, dipped in chocolate, rolled in shredded coconut. So little effort so much joy.  If cutting, dipping and rolling isn’t your thing, you’ll find lamingtons at local bakeries, hipster cafes, country market stalls or the humble supermarket. 

The Mighty Meat Pie

The Aussie meat pie is a bit like a good friend, right there next to you during the fun times. You’ll find pies in the service (gas) station you stop at on your holiday road trip, they are a mandatory source of nourishment at every sporting event. They’re a snack, a meal, and could even be considered a gift. The best gift to human-kind. You can thank us later.  Hit up  Bourke Street Bakery , Southern Highlands Pie Trail or if you’re really keen, the Pie Time festival  - a celebration of all things pies. Pie not?

Super Fresh Seafood

Australia has a coastline spanning 60,000 kilometers (37,000 miles) so it’s pretty obvious that natural fresh seafood is always on the menu. After a swim at Bondi beach wander up to The Bucket List and  grab a ‘bucket of prawns’. Fresh oysters feature on most menus within sight of the ocean - beer to accompany is a must. If you’ve got the chutzpah, hustle your way around the famous Sydney Fish Markets for some fresh-as seafood.

Eat Well, on The Cheap

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