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9 top farmers markets that you'll love this weekend

9 top farmers markets

For those of you who manage to peel yourselves off the bed on a Saturday or Sunday morning, you will be greatly rewarded.

Farmers markets are a party for all ages. The air carries wafts of various homemade foods like crepes or pork buns straight to your nostrils, the produce is fresher than if you literally crawled on your hands and knees and ripped it from the earth yourself, and there are dogs galore. Need we say more?

There’s something even better about markets in a foreign country too, because they pretty much crystalise the essence of any place with all their knickknacks, smells and locals.

On any weekend, in any city in Australia, there are loads of farmers market options to stroll through. Our friends from BIG4 take us through some of their faves.

Margaret River Farmers' Market

Margaret River has a reputation not only for its surf, but for its grub. For this reason, everyone in the area makes a point of rocking up to these local-stallholders-only markets to get their hands on the goods. There are the usual suspects of seasonal fruit and vegetables, breads, and cheeses – but also delish local specialties like chocolate and nougat.

When: Every Saturday; 8am-12pm.
Where: Margaret River Education Campus, Lot 272, Bussell Hwy, Margaret River, Western Australia

Albany Farmers’ Markets

The growers from the area haul the biggest spread of fresh produce down to this weekly market – just looking at it could cure scurvy. Like the Margaret River Farmers’ Market, this offering has a strict local flavor; it’s a must that stallholders come from the Great Southern region and grow the produce themselves. The upside to this is that, like good parenting, quality and quantity have been given equal love. The dairy range at this bad boy deserves a special mention.

When: Every Saturday; 8am-12pm
Where: Collie Street, Albany, Western Australia

Farm Gate Market

The spirit of Hobart never really snoozes, but it’s buzzier than ever on a Sunday morning (buzzier than you are before your morning cappuccino from the barista truck, anyway). Everyone talks about Tassie’s produce, but that’s no shocker given it’s the land of rolling greens and crisp, fresh air. Wander through the stalls and chat to the growers about their craft as you sample the treats, and even watch the street performers and other entertainment.

When: Each Sunday; 8.30am-1pm
Where: Bathurst Street, Hobart, Tasmania

Willunga Farmers’ Market

This was the very first market in South Australia, and it quickly became a permanent fixture in this adorable little town on the fringes of the McLaren Vale Wine Region. Their motto ‘meet the grower and taste the region’ is honoured by the fact that stallholders are predominantly from the Fleurieu Peninsula region, and also pushes you to get involved with all six of your senses. Won’t argue with that.

They make an exception for growers from Kangaroo Island though, because that food scene is off the hook.

When: Each Saturday; 8am-12:30pm
Where: Willunga Town Square, Willunga, South Australia

Victor Harbor Farmers’ Market

Even if your gf or bf has dragged you out of bed against your will (and hangover), we bet you’ll get over the grumps once you see the seaside location. Victor Harbor is one of South Australia’s favourite holiday spots, meaning they’re hot, they know it and they shamelessly use their looks to get our attention. And we like it. It’s the perfect backdrop to this vibrant market, which showcases produce from across the Fleurieu Peninsula region.

When: Each Saturday; 8am-12.30pm
Where: Grosvenor Gardens, Victor Harbor, South Australia

Noosa Farmers’ Market

This is a true blue Aussie farmers’ market, with its cloak of gumtrees and warm, relaxed atmosphere. The Sunshine Coast is responsible for dishing out top-notch goodies, and it’s all on offer here. Sip on fresh lime drinks, sample tasty olives and jams, and put the fresh cheese on the fresh bread and have a phresh time.  

When: Every Sunday; 7am-12pm
Where: Noosa Australian Football Club, Weyba Road, Noosaville, Queensland

Talbot Farmers’ Market

True story: gold once riddled this region, but these days the treasure is found in the 80-odd stalls of delicious treats at the market. There’s a reason why thousands of people flood this place each month, and it’s probably got something to do with the snacks and the historical village-style surrounds.

When: Third Sunday of the month; 9am-1pm.
Where: Scandinavian Crescent, Talbot, Victoria

Mudgee Farmers’ Markets

Like many of the others, only locals can have stalls, making this event a concentrated slice of community for travelers to nibble on – metaphorically and literally. And in a prized food and wine region like Mudgee, the quality of your goodies is one less thing to stress about. You can pretty much roll the dice with any treat choice and expect a different taste explosion. If you’re on a budget or prefer to limit the risk even more, a wide assortment of fresh goods – from meats to sweets – are up for sampling.

When: Third Saturday of the month; 8:30am-12:30pm.
Where: St Mary’s Catholic Church, Church/Market Street, Mudgee, New South Wales

Carriageworks Farmers’ Markets

This place is the mother of all urban market settings. The former Eveleigh Rail Yards building is stunning in an industrial, inner-city way – which creates a cool contrast to the blanket of organic produce thrown on top of it every Saturday morning. The stallholders are always DTC (down to chat), and in fact, it’s fully encouraged here. If you’re looking to start the day with a taste explosion, Bird Cow Fish is known for its brekkie.

When: Every Saturday; 8am-1pm
Where: 245 Wilson St, Eveleigh, Sydney

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