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Australia’s most Instagrammable snacks

Australia’s most Instagrammable snacks

Who doesn’t love a good snack? Here are some of the most photo-worthy treats Australians are eating this month.

By Jessica Wilkinson & Georgia Rickard

If we can teach you anything, it will be that Australia has some of the best food on earth (... and wildlife and scenery and beaches...whaaaaat!?) So, it should come as no surprise that Australians enjoy a good photo-worthy snack as much as the next Instagrammer. In fact, we love it. Let us prove it to you now with some facts and images of super fun treats.


The Fairy Floss Dessert Burger, Melbourne

What: A pink, sugary dome of fairy floss topped with popping candy, dried crushed raspberries, and flowers, hides a brioche bun (read: delicious butter) filled with honeycomb gelato, fruit pieces and jellies, and covered with white chocolate matcha sauce. Simply pour a cup of coconut milk over the top and watch the fairy floss dissolve, to reveal the dessert burger underneath. Guys, did you read that? A dessert burger. We can’t even.
Where: Long Story Short
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The Panookie, Hobart

What: The panookie is a pizza pie of cookie dough, baked into a pan and topped with deliciousness and a scoop of ice cream. The panookie comes in three varieties – black (served with milk and dark chocolate), white (white chocolate cookie dough with boysenberry ice cream) and blonde (peanut butter and choc chip dough with caramel fudge ice cream and orange blossom Persian fairy floss).
Where: Honey Badger Dessert Cafe
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The Rainbow Coffee, Brisbane

What: The best thing about this latte is that is doesn’t taste like crap. The fine people of Piggy Back have made sure the taste isn’t ruined by the look. They serve as steamed milk with rainbow latte art on top, and a double shot of espresso on the side.
Where: Piggy Back cafe
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The Matcha Burger, Melbourne

What: In 2016, this vegan eatery created the smurf latte, a bright blue drink (pictured above) that went viral. But now, a new crazy menu item has taken its place. The Matcha burger features a green brioche bun coloured by matcha and a fried ‘chicken’ patty made of garden protein and grain. Also, the Hemsworth’s love this place so maybe just go sleep out there until you see them.
Where: Matcha Mylkbar
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The Chrysanthenum Soft Serve, Canberra

What: Not just a pretty face. The uniquely coloured soft serve, with a similar flavour profile to caramel and honey, was an instant hit – so much so that XO has begun adding a new soft serve flavour to its menu every month.
Where: XO restaurant
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The Pink Toast, Sydney

What: Beetroot, cream cheese and toast with raisins in it – we can’t say we saw this one coming guys but trust us when we say it’s a must-try and the queues streaming out the doors are backing us up on this one, too.
Where: Mug Life
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The Blue Bowl, Sydney

What: Blue algae powder is blended with pineapple, banana, coconut yoghurt and a splash of coconut water to create that precise shade of blue, with house-made granola, edible flowers, coconut flakes, crunchy buckwheat, blueberries and freeze-dried raspberries for flavour, colour and satisfying crunch. Happily, we can confirm it tastes as good as it looks – a little like bubblegum.
Where: Concrete Jungle
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Rocky Road Cake, Adelaide

What: Ah, the rocky road cake. A solid block of multicoloured marshmallows, whole Oreo biscuits, aerated chocolate pieces and pistachios. 50SIXONE is also the brains behind the OMG Snapchat That – a bright blue, bubblegum-flavoured thick shake topped with sweet treats, rainbow sour strips, and a giant lollipop.
Where: 50SIXONE
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The Avocado Flower Bagel, Brisbane

What: An open, toasted bagel with a base of crumbled Danish feta, layered with avocado, dukkah, fresh lime and edible flowers. The difference is the delicately sliced avocado, arranged like the petals of a rose.
Where: NYC Bagel Deli
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