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Can’t miss breweries in South Australia

Can’t miss breweries in South Australia

If you haven’t tried any SA brews before, you might want to get it in ya STAT.

South Australia is known for being home to the hoppy flavours we all enjoy – particularly on a lazy Friday arvo (afternoon). 

Take a load off, let your hair down, blow off some steam, etc, at one of these bangin’ breweries, where you can taste and learn at the same time. Just don’t taste too hard, or you might just forget your lessons faster than they can teach ‘em…

With the help of our friends at BIG4, we’ve put together the list from beer heaven.


Smiling Samoyed, Myponga

Tucked behind the main street of a small Fleurieu Peninsula town, about an hour drive south of Adelaide, this brewery has evolved from hidden gem to essential visit. Named after the stupidly cute Samoyed dogs that wander around the ‘hood, this brewery has a strong selection of flavoursome ales. Hot tip: if you’re feeling spicy, try the Chilli Beer.

Prancing Pony Brewery, Mt Barker

These guys know what they’re doing and their brews are complex and quirky – appealing to the craft beer lover. Prancing Pony is an Adelaide fave, but we recommend the hilariously named Hopwork Orange (American pale ale) or the India Red Ale. Plus, Mt Barker is only about a half hour drive south east of Adelaide, so it’s a piece’a cake.

Hot tip: Lobethal Bierhaus is only another 20 minutes away in the car (head north), and it’s just as thirst-quenching. Just make sure you’ve got a skipper to drive if you’ve already hung up your sobriety hat for the day.

The Steam Exchange Brewery, Goolwa

You could count the amount of beers these guys make on your fingers, but that’s pretty much the idea: less is more. The brewery is housed on a picturesque wharf, so crack a Steam Ale, sit on the sunny deck, look out over the water, and chill like the lord you always knew you were.


Wilkadene Woolshed Brewery, Renmark

This brewery loves to show-off with its heritage woolshed building that sits on the Murray riverbank, with stunning views and delicious beers. We get it, you’re a babe. About a 3 hour drive north east of Adelaide, this place also offers guided tours if you want to shell out an extra 10 bucks. Just make sure you book in advance. This is the kind of place you want to spend your whole Sunday.


Goodieson Brewery, McLaren Vale

Only 45 minutes south of Adelaide, this place is family-run and you can feel the hominess from the moment you set foot inside: it’s small, it’s traditional and it’s inspired by the Goodieson’s travels to Germany. They bang out seasonal brews, including a full-bodied stout in autumn when things are starting to get chilly and a spiced ale for Christmas that will satisfy your mulled wine cravings without making you overheat in the southern hemisphere festive season.


Vale Brewing, Willunga, McLaren Vale

In the same region as Goodieson, this brewery in actually named after the area, and the Easties (people who live on the East Coast) go bananas for this beer. They have staples like a lager, an IPA, an amber and a golden, but they also get creative with different limited edition beers whenever they’re feelin’ it. It’ll take you just under an hour of driving south to get here from Adelaide.


Lobethal Bierhaus, Adelaide Hills

This brewery has eight different beers on tap, including seasonal and one-time-only releases, so there’s something for even the fussiest mates. Around 40 minutes west in the car from Adelaide itself, this brewery focuses on keeping it simple and therefore keeping it real. They seem to vote drinkability over freaky.

While you’re at it: Meechi Brewing Company is only an hour’s drive away in Langhorne Creek, which specialises in only one tiny batch of pale ale. Why not suss the fuss?


Big Shed Brewing, Adelaide

Right in the city where cabs crawl the streets, you wouldn’t even need to worry about how to get home from Big Shed. Imagine a big warehouse, with a monstrous 10 hectolitre (that sounds made up, but it’s a legit measurement) brewing kit inside it, where you can taste any of the beers you fancy from six different taps. These guys have won heaps of awards for their brews, so it’s well worth a taste test.

While you’re at it: pop into Pirate Life because firstly, it’s also in Adelaide, and secondly, it’s one of a kind. They only sell tinnies, which is pretty bloody Aussie.

What goes great with drinks? Food!

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