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Cheap eats: Adelaide

Cheap eats: Adelaide

Food that’s cheap but yum

By Jessica Wilkinson

When it comes to eating on the cheap, the capital city of South Australia is one hot cookie. Because of the cultural and ethnic mix, you can indulge in Vietnamese food one night, Ethiopian the next, followed by Afghani… the list is kind of never ending. It’s like food heaven, you guys.  Here are seven of Adelaide's best cheap eats.

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The Flying Fig Deli

Kosher or not, you can’t deny a good bagel. The Flying Fig Deli are reeaaallly into the whole DIY thing. They boil their own bagels, pickle their own dills, and smoke their own meats and salmon. The pastrami on rye bread with carrot and horseradish would bring tears to the eye of a visiting New Yorker.

Burger Theory

Burger Theory is dishing up meaty goodness to peeps left right and centre. The Number 1 burger is the most popular choice - it comes loaded with lettuce, tomato and American cheese in a brioche bun (yum, buttery bun). Or if you’re a vego, dig into the falafel burger. Want fries with that? Jump on the potato chips with a cover of fermented kimchi cabbage, pungent (in a good way) Korean mayo sauce, sour cream and bacon bits.

Sit Lo

Probs one of the most mispronounced words ever - pho, pronounced "fur", is the Vietnamese noodle broth soup with delish herbs and meat and it definitely doesn’t have any fur in it. Anyway, if you’re after some steaming noodles Sit Lo is the place for you. Also, the pork belly banh mi bread roll, with pickled carrot and daikon radish is amazing. Get it. Have no regrets.

Adelaide Central Markets

Ah, markets. What would we do without them? A bustling mecca of people in their activewear with their dogs buying cheap food at taking selfies. Adelaide Central Market is certainly as vibrant as markets get and it’s loaded with bakeries, patisseries, cafés, grocers and artisan food stalls selling everything from roasted nuts to local cheeses.Get on it.

Kutchi Deli Parwana

The delicious smell of frying spices should drag you by the nose towards tiny Kutchi Deli Parwana, a hole-in-the-wall Afghan lunchtime eatery. Kutchi Deli Parwana is an offshoot of the bigger Parwana Afghan Kitchen which is run by the same family and therefore is equally as delicious. Wrap your lips around fried dumplings or chicken pieces marinated in yoghurt and Afghan spices or fire up your palate with a lamb curry.

Chinatown Café

Every city has a Chinatown where the traditional Chinese archway and dragons mark the entrance, the dumplings are flowing and the yum cha is cheap. Adelaide's Chinatown (which is super close to the Adelaide Central Market) is a colourful place where you’ll find plenty of cheap Chinese restaurants as well as Indian, Malaysian, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Nepali eateries. The Chinatown Café is as simple as they come but is totes worth queuing for. Locals swear by the flavourful Hainanese chicken rice, in a salty soy and ginger broth.

Star of Siam

These days the cuisine of old Siam is giving Chinese food a run for its money when it comes to the ol’ popularity chart. The award winning Star of Siam is an inexpensive but authentic example. You are in for a warm welcome from the manager - he’s pretty great. Tell him we say hi, but like, don’t make us sound desperate. 

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