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Cheap eats: Brisbane

Cheap eats: Brisbane

Food that’s cheap but yum

By Jessica Wilkinson & Jac Taylor

Brisbane: where the sun is always shining, the rent is cheap and the food even cheaper. What bliss. Enjoy our round-up of Brisbane's best flavours that ensure you have enough cashola to shout a round for your friends


Miel Container

The Miel Container beef patty burger is actually kind of a big deal, you guys. It was recently judged Brisbane's best burger by judges of the TV show MasterChef so it’s pretty much the Kim Kardashian of burgers. Except wayyyy cheaper and not wearing spandex.

Fat Noodle

If you roll up at Treasury Casino you'll find a selection of excellent eateries, including Fat Noodle, where Vietnamese-Australian celebrity chef Luke Nguyen offers his renowned 20-hour Fat Pho Noodles. And even though you’ll be eating under a hella-extravagant hanging garden of more than 3000 chopsticks, the food is still cheap.

Red Hook

Did someone say Brooklyn cheeseburgers, Budweisers and Philly cheesesteaks? USA represeeeent. Red Hook is a laneway superstar where you can get one kilogram (13 ounces) of buffalo wings with blue cheese sauce for AUD$13.

Izakaya Kotobuki

There is something about ordering from an iPad that is super fun. Not sure why, but hey, don’t judge. You too may be in awe and amazement once you visit Izakaya Kotobuki and start bopping along to the Japanese pop music and ordering all the things, all at once from the iPad at your table.

Eat Street Markets

You can’t go past a good food market for a cheap eat worth your while. Eat Street Markets are a delightful mix of market stalls, street food eateries, fairy lights and festive fun, all set in a waterside shipping container terminal. You’ll find Mexican quesadillas, Spanish paella, German sausages, Asian dumplings and fresh local seafood.


In Australia, "good tucker" is slang for good food, and Tuckeria is a taqueria (taco eatery) offering just that. Get all up in the tacos, burritos and sauce-smothered enchiladas, and still have change from a AUD$20 note.

Food Trucks

This one is a no brainer and a must-do for every time you’ve seen a show set in NYC and fet a pag of jealousy each time a character gets something delicious and potentially dodgy from a street vendor. Choose from Brazilian street food from Vira Lata or the schnitzel with aioli from Pirate's Plate. If you wanna plan your cheap eat, jump onto Brisbane's Food Trucks website and stalk ‘em down.

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