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Cheap eats: Perth

Cheap eats: Perth

Food that’s cheap but yum

By Jessica Wilkinson & Fleur Bainger

Late-night suckling pig, anyone? Perth has undergone a bit of a transformation on the richter scale of kewl and now it’s legit a fun place to hang with great food, a bangin’ live music scene, and best of all? It’s it so damn affordable.  

Perth eats that will make you hungry

Pleased to Meet You

Mess hall style tables face the pork-worshipping (shield your eyes, koshers!) kitchen in this low-lit haunt, Pleased to Meet You. You can expect delights that will taste as good as they are bad for you, like pigskin crackers, suckling pig shavings, beef reuben bau buns and squid hanh mi. Note: there's no regular signage here – look for a large number 38 and then brag to your friends about how you're in the know.

Don Tapa

If you ever thought Peruvian and Japanese food couldn’t be combined or that the result wouldn’t be delicious, firstly, well done for even thinking of those two food combos, cause whaaaat!?, but secondly, you’re sadly mistaken. Don Tapa has just proven all of the haters (there weren’t any) wrong with its delicious af deep fried wontons plumped with goats cheese and cassava root doughnuts soaked in warm rum syrup. Also, there is a ping pong table.


Given that this place fronts the Art Gallery of Western Australia, you’d expect it to be on the pricey side of town, but it's surprisingly cheap... not $5-all-you-can-eat cheap, but you’re getting out of there for around $20. Also, it has a giant mirror ball, so enough said.


Inspired by the British owner's summer holidays in Spain, this Spanish tapas bar, Pinchos, serves bites for surprisingly little cash. Sink your teeth into fried pork belly cubes showered in dukkah, try the Pedro Ximenez soaked mushrooms while you sip on sangria.

Good Fortune Duck House

Okay this place legit has the best roast duck you’ll ever eat. It might have slightly ugly bright, fluorescent lights, white tiles and wraparound wall mirrors so you can watch yourself eat from all angles, but what it lacks in looks, it makes up for with delicious duck that is crispy skinned and deliciously tender and will have you asking the delightful staff if you can maybe move into the room out the back.

Little Creatures Brewery

Ah, Little Creatures Brewery. This place is pretty much a rite of passage. It started life as a grassroots, homegrown microbrewery developed by a group of mates and developed into an international brand - kudos to them, right? Come, pull up a pew by the harbour and sink a beer (our suggestion: a Rogers' amber ale, which is mid-strength beer but full flavoured) while enjoying a pizza or bucket of white wine mussels. For beer buffs, take the brewery tour while you're there. It costs AUD$12 per person and runs daily.

The Beach Club

The word "cheap", and the swanky ocean-facing suburb of Cottesloe, are rarely (if ever) in the same sentence. But this beach chic, open-air section of the Cottesloe Beach Hotel, The Beach Club, is actually pretty affordable, with most dishes sitting around AUD$22. Expect to see plenty of resort wear, fairy lights, comfy couches and colourful beach umbrellas.

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