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Hangover hack: bacon, bacon, bacon

Hangover hack: bacon, bacon, bacon

Sure, eating healthy is an honourable effort, but it’s important to pick your battles.

The morning after a ridiculous night out (where you’re still giggling from uncontrolled flashbacks and struggling to make even the smallest decisions), is no time for any such effort.

Don’t be a hero. Go get a bacon and egg roll.

That salty, crispy bacon will put all your pieces back together again like the fallen Humpty you are. And if it doesn’t, you’re only like $4 down and one massive  “NOPE” up. Now that’s an affordable gamble.

Here are some of the most consistently delish bacon and egg rolls we’ve found this side of the equator.


Atticus Finch, Paddington, Brisbane

You just wanna weep into the delicious handful of genius that is this B&E roll. A toasted sandwich, with honey-roasted bacon, a fried egg, onion jam, swiss cheese and aioli. Stuff this thing right in your gob and you’ll be one silent, sensitive, less-devo person.


Coogee Yeeros Café, Sydney

Think cheap & cheerful. This is essentially a run-of-the-mill, nondescript cafe on the beachy streets of Coogee that do cheap, simple B&E rolls. Ask for the bacon extra crispy, and you’ll be on your way to happiness in no time.


Bills, Bondi / Surry Hills / Darlinghurst, Sydney

Okay, so this doesn’t technically come with egg, but if you ask you shall receive. Trust us, we’ve asked/received on many-a seedy Sunday morning. Bills are widely known for their bangin’ brekkie, and this dish in particular is a go-to for locals. It’s a bacon and egg roll - but instead of BREAD, they use CORN FRITTERS. Bill, you sly dog.


Hylin, West Leederville, Perth

It’s no secret that these guys were inspired by New York – a muse you can clearly taste in the brekkie bagel. Cream cheese, a fried egg, cheddar and rum sauce. See? There’s even a little hair-of-the-dawg hint in the dressing.


The Barossa Farmers Market, Angaston

Everything about this B&E roll is adorable. All the ingredients are locally sourced and free-range, plus homemade chutney and pickles. You won’t know whether to kiss it or eat it. We recommend eating it, heaps.


The Bond Store Cafe, Southbank, Melbourne

The hipsters sure know their food. Listen to them. Trust them. Follow them. This European-esque warehouse space houses one of the best B&Es you’ll ever fit your mouth around: smoked bacon, eggs, cheddar and Mr Wilkinson’s brown sauce on a brioche bun. Who is Mr Wilkinson, you ask? Just your new hero.


Farmgate Markets, Hobart

These guys keep it simple, and in your shaky state, that might be best. Free-range bacon, egg, aioli, relish and greens, made with all the personal attention you would expect from a local market. Looking for a breakfast that tastes like your mum made it? This is your guy.

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