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Send coffee: Melbourne's 9 best coffee joints

Send coffee: Melbourne's 9 best coffee joints

Let us all revel in the caffeine-y, life affirming goodness that is coffee.

By Jessica Wilkinson & Sue Gough Henly

Melbourne's love affair with coffee is strong. It will not waver and it cannot be faulted. If you too love coffee more than most you love most of your family, read on! We’ve got the skinny on espressos, flat whites, pour over, siphon and cold-drip coffee and where to get ‘em.

Can’t talk, need coffee

St ALi, South Melbourne

St ALi is an entire precinct dedicated to coffee, AKA heaven.  With its dumpster-chic decor down a graffiti daubed laneway, St ALi is one of Melbourne's main experimental coffee brewers, micro roasters, green bean traders and country of origin specialists.

Seven Seeds, Carlton

Seven Seeds is a small micro-roaster in Carlton that sources seasonal coffee from around the world, particularly estate, micro-lot and single origin coffees. Its quirky on-site café still makes some of Melbourne's best coffee and offers a small menu of simple food.

Market Lane, Prahran Market

Market Lane’s roastery and café at Prahran Market is proud of its distinctive single origin coffees, haters be damned! Espresso and pour over coffee is served alongside cakes, pastries, muesli and more. It sells single estate coffee beans and brewing equipment, and offers free public cuppings (tastings) and brewing classes.

Proud Mary, Collingwood

Coffee at Proud Mary comes via cold drip, V60, AeroPress and espresso. The nearby two-storey state-of-the-art coffee cellar door Aunty Peg's is part roasting house, part coffee bar, part retail shop, and serves only black coffee as well as an ale-like coffee brew and offers free cupping sessions. This is also where the Collingwood Coffee College runs barista workshops.

Wide Open Road, Brunswick

The hipster chic Wide Open Road roaster, coffee lab and café has an industrial chic fit-out inside a converted 1950s warehouse plastered with paste-up street art. Its Bathysphere house blend is designed to be drunk black. There's the Shady Lane blend for espresso and milk, plus there are pour overs and cold brews.

Auction Rooms, North Melbourne

The Auction Rooms boutique coffee roaster and café ticks all the boxes. All of them. There are great espressos, a separate coffee bar for drip and siphon coffees and food including excellent breakfast eggs.

Code Black, Brunswick

The back of the Code Black menu simply reads in small font: “The Sublime and The Ridiculous”, which preeeetty much sums this place up. Sublime in the quality of its fancy stone and metal fit-out and ridiculous in the excellence of its coffee. Code Black is simultaneously a laboratory, a workshop and a hub for connoisseurs of the dark art and science of coffee.

Industry Beans, Fitzroy

Industry Beans is a coffee roastery, restaurant and brew bar. The barista team offers lots of single origin and blended coffees (with new selections every two weeks) brewed using a wide variety of methods including espresso, pour over, AeroPress and cold-drip. There are also all the types of milk you could dream of - soy, almond, and coconut milks.

Dukes Coffee Roasters, City Centre

Dukes Coffee Roasters offers single origin and blended beans for both espressos and filter coffee and you can buy beans and brewing gear when you pick up your morning pour over coffee. Also, do yourself a favour and get the almond croissant.

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