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Tasmania's top breweries

Tasmania's Top Breweries

If you’re hanging out in Tasmania, the chances are you’re already up to your eyeballs in culture, stunning landscape and delish treats. Why not add boutique beer to the menu too?

Take a long Sunday drive and cruise through the lush green land, then end the expedition at one of the following frothhouses. All you need to do is play rock, paper, scissors first – whoever loses, has to be the skipper!


Shambles Brewery, Hobart

Spotted in vibrant North Hobart and within walking distance to the city centre, Shambles pours a series of full-flavoured beers from a menu that’s constantly changing. If you’re a bit of a beer nut and feel more comfortable knowing greener grass may lay ahead, know that T-Bone Brewing Co. is just a couple of hundred metres up the road.

Iron House Brewery, Four Mile Creek

Okay, so it’s kind of in the middle of nowhere (about a 3 hour drive north from Hobart) but that’s also kind of the point of this exercise (to make the designated driver as irritable as possible, of course). These guys make everything from beer to wine to whiskey and they do it bloody well. If the range doesn’t lure you, the stunning views of Tassie’s East Coast should.

Cascade Brewery Co., South Hobart

Well for starters, this brewery is the oldest in Australia. So it definitely gets brownie points for that. It was founded by two English settlers in 1824, and masterminded during a stint in prison. This is just the tip of the history iceberg, making this place a thrilling tour choice if we ever saw one. They run them from 10am to 5pm every day, but you have to book in advance. It’ll take you 6 minutes to reach this place from the centre of Hobart – so you don’t really have an excuse to miss it.

Little Rivers Brewing Co., Scottsdale

A 3.5 hour drive north from Hobart, this brewery is all about boutique craft beers that are made from all-natural ingredients and contain zero preservatives. You’ll find these unique brews in bottle shops, but pop into the brewery itself to get a close-up view. They don’t serve up grub, sadly, but they also don’t care if you BYO. Pack a feast and jump in the car!


James Boag, Launceston

These guys are the pretty much Tasmanian royalty. They kicked off originally in 1881, so that’s a pretty good head start, using only Tasmanian water, hops and barley, harnessing the homeland in every brew. Only a 2.5 hour drive north of Hobart, this brewery offers tours, wine, cheese, coffee and tasty snacks. No doubt you’ve already tried Boags in other bars, but if not, make sure you make this one a priority.


Moo Brew, Berriedale

Only a 16 minute drive from Hobart, this brewery is a no-brainer. Especially because it’s a part of MONA (Museum of Old and New Art), so there’s a massive two-birds-one-stone factor going on. You can get a whiff of this from the outset, with the bottle design featuring exclusive art by Aussie artist John Kelly. Not only will the unique craft brews thrill you, but so will the ridiculous view from the glass tower of the gallery within which this brewery sits. Hell. Yes. FYI, there’s another Moo Brew around the corner in Bridgewater if you feel like rolling on.

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