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The best Bloody Marys in Australia

The best Bloody Marys in Australia

 ‘Cos the only way forward is backward

A Bloody Mary will fix just about any problem. It will console you when you think of the 42nd text that you sent to your ex. It will give you clarity around what to say to your besties come Monday.

So, where can you find this magical elixir? Here's our guide on where to drink the guilt away.

Spice Up Your (Devo) Life… at The Galleon, Melbourne

The Galleon in St Kilda have crafted a Bloody Mary series so fire that it makes the others look basic. If you’re feeling fairly safe, go for the classic Mary you know and love with Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce and lemon. If you’re keen to branch out a smidge… try the olive-heavy Spanish Mary. And, finally, if you’re feeling WILD, try the Smoking Mary which is infused with chipotle sauce and bacon salt. FYI: if you’re not into spice, maybe steer clear of this one or you’ll have a second reason to be sweating bullets.

Would You Like Fries With That? ... at Mary's Newtown, Sydney

These guys serve the best cheeseburgers and fried chicken in town (and yes, you can have them at the same time), so it makes sense that their Bloody Marys would be A1. But, be warned, this place is for the code rogue hangovers only: instead of a celery stick, you get a glass full of alcoholic goodness with a slice of cheese blowtorched over the top and, for decoration, onion and their walk-a-million-miles-for trashcan bacon. Get it in ya.

Beat the Rush Hour ... at Beaufort Local, Mt Lawley, WA

The early bird gets the worm, or in this case, the Bloody Mary. This fine establishment has a Hail Mary menu and hail indeed – on the menu is Mary, Margaret, Maria and Maggie. Mary, she's your traditional kind of drink, while Margaret is made with gin, Maria with jalapeno tequila and Maggie with smoked bourbon, so you can pick your poison. Best of all, they open, and serve, from 7am. Hallelujah.

Don’t Over-Complicate The Sitch ... at Art Gallery Food + Wine, Adelaide

Kangaroo Island vodka, spicy tomato juice and green salt. These guys keep it real. In a way, this Bloody Mary is like a rattle for adults – it keeps the tender members of the breakfast party occupied while those who are fresh can enjoy the cultural features.

Move Over Beyonce, We Got This ... at Room for a Pony, North Hobart, TAS

If you're anything like Queen Bee, you'll know what's what when it comes to hot sauce. The team at Room For a Pony ensure there's no need to BYO – they make their Marys with Diemen's Original Hot Sauce which is a power-punch of Tassie pepper berries. It's your lucky day if you like it COMIN’ IN HAWT.

Table For One, Thanks ... at Riverbar & Kitchen, Brisbane, QLD

And now for the moment you've all been waiting for: Bloody Marys in a jug. You. Are. Welcome.

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