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5 trips Down Under to get over someone

5 trips Down Under to get over someone

Here's how to get over heartbreak on a budget 


So you’re broken-hearted, onto the fourth season of Game of Thrones, face deep in treats and neck deep in self-pity. What now?

It’s probably time to embrace the world waiting for you beyond your pain cave. Drink. Dance. Meet new people. Or, get healthy. Swim. Stretch. Do anything and everything that leaves you exhausted (hel-lo Revenge Bod). Plus, as they say, the best way to get over someone is to get… down under?

Hopefully your pride is as strong as that save.

Either way, we’ve got you covered in the pick-me-up department, with 5 different trip ideas around Australia to help you get over that formally special, now dead-to-you, someone.

Vipassana Meditation, Multiple Locations

If you’re sick of hearing your own voice telling the same old tragic stories, BUT you aren’t yet ready to hear about other people’s happiness, we have the place for you. This is a residential meditation course where you spend 10 days in SILENCE. We mean complete and total silence - and they have centres all over Australia. If the huge slice of shut-up isn’t enough to appetise, then maybe the stunning mountains will. Normally views like that cost more than your student debt, but these programs run by donation. Not that your ex needs to know that. To them, it will look like you’re ballin’, and isn’t that what’s most important here? Yeah. We thought so.

Unyoked, Blue Mountains, New South Wales

Take a break from the noise of the city (and the noise in your head). Get yourself some space. Book yourself a tiny house in the Aussie outback, and wake up to morning fog and surrounding bushwalks. Pretend you own the joint. Prices start from AUD$148 per night. A small price to pay to heal your aching heart. Makes a great, if mildly creepy, first Tinder date also.

Surf Camp - PYO (Pick Your Own) Price and Location

Get wet... in the ocean. Spend a few days and learn how to surf (or some semblance of standing on a surfboard), meet new people and wash your worries away in the ocean. Saltwater therapy and a great way to work on that summer rig (and posso the surf instructor too?). And if this 5 day camp is a smidge expensive, you can always purge on YouTube tutorials and give it a crack anyway. As long as you’re on dry land, the other surfers won’t mind sharing tips.

Swim with Crocodiles, Darwin, Northern Territory

What better way to forget that deadbeat loser than to scare yourself shitless? Emotional trauma is all well and good but let’s get that blood flowing and that broken little heart of yours pumping. Our tip? Swim with crocs. You’ll be safely guarded inside a tank (ironically named Cage of Death), but the 360 degree view of a prehistoric beast will surely still freak you right out. It’ll cost you 175 bucks, but hey, you’ll look like a hero.

Seadeck Party Boat, Brisbane, Queensland

They don’t call it ‘Brisvegas’ for nothing. Make new friends, squeeze a new squeeze, and let loose on the party boat made notorious on Sydney’s shores, as it now floats through Brisbane. Tickets can get as low as AUD$25 bucks a pop, so the only cost that will actually hurt is the hangover the next day.

Good for the body, good for soul

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