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9 things you can't survive without down under

9 things you can't survive without Down Under

From the practical to the personal, we’ve prepared a list of 9 things you can’t survive without during your Aussie travels.

Oz is an easy place to plonk yourself – for a week, a year or a lifetime. There aren’t too many things you actually need in order to survive here (beyond the basics like shelter, food, oxygen, etc).

Nevertheless, there are a handful of things we recommend you get before touching down, in the interest of being comfy AF and maximising your time Down Under. We cover everything from technology to a good attitude.

An appetite for mind-blowing natural wonders

Don’t waste your own time and forget to bring this with you. Australia is all about driving, hiking or climbing to various places and beholding weird naturally-occurring phenomena. If you’re not going to get shivers from a gigantic red-rock monolith or a bubblegum pink lake, then c’mon mate, when will you ever? So psych yourself up for some serious sights.

A swimming costume. At all times.

The land Down Under is essentially one huge island with crazy good weather. Meaning, it’s covered in top-notch swimming spots. Be sure to pack your swimmers with you everywhere you go – particularly in summer, because there’s always a potential swim intermission around the corner.

Student Card / University ID

Students are like discount royalty around here. If you’re studying in any capacity, bring proof everywhere you go, because you could be getting sweet deals on koala cuddles, outdoor cinemas, mobile phones and all public transport to name a few.

Back up devices

If you’re a budding photographer, be prepared to capture some epic material down here. The red dirt and rock of the outback, the bright green valleys and mountains, the glittering skyline of the city - it all translates into some very sexy snaps. Bring an external hard drive with you so that you won’t lose any of this gold material, or set yourself up a Dropbox or iCloud account.

Appropriate clothing

Given Australia's diverse climate, it’s a good idea to come prepared. For the summer months, bring tank tops, sunglasses, tees, shorts… anything that keeps you cool and equipped for outdoor adventure. For the winter, make sure you pack hiking boots, hoodies, jeans and a spray jacket for the rain. Even Oz can get chilly sometimes, but you don’t want that to prevent you from exploring.

A palate for new foods

The Aussies eat some whack food, it’s true. Our national cuisine includes native bugs called Witchetty Grubs, a yeasty brown spread called Vegemite (to which everyone is addicted) and coconut-and-chocolate-covered cakes called Lamingtons – to name a few. Keep your mind open and your appetite whet.

A current driver’s license (or a mate who has one)

You don’t want to be hanging around in Oz without a set of wheels at your disposal. If you don’t have a valid driver’s licence, we recommend sorting that out before you even touch down. Or, worst case scenario, find another backpacker who does have a licence and then cling to them like there’s no tomorrow. You wouldn’t want to miss out on adventures like The Shitbox Rally.

A love of cute, cuddly animals.

Because, my goodness, are there some sweet creatures in this country. Once you get to Australia, look into wildlife sanctuaries in your area, such as Currumbin or Healesville, to become acquainted with the country’s furry locals.

A surfboard, sandboard or other-board.

Waxing up a board and throwing your bod down some kind of natural substance is a common activity in this country. You want to make sure you’re equipped to make the most of every wave or sand dune you encounter by throwing a board in the back of the car or hiring one wherever possible. If you’re looking for a place to go sandboarding on the East Coast, try Stockton Beach, and to go surfing, try any of these.

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