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How to keep travel costs to a bare minimum

Our tips to save money so you’ve got more to spend…

Want to make your travel dollars last longer? We’ve got all the tips and tricks to get you around without breaking the bank.

Shop smart

Need gear? Whether you’re after a surfboard, camping gear, furniture or computer stuff, the trick is to buy it second hand. Your best bet is to jump onto Facebook marketplace (it’s the middle button at the base of your app), eBay or Gumtree. Gumtree and Facebook marketplace are super handy because you don’t have to wait for an auction to finish. No need to use your suitcase as a sofa anymore!

Use local transport

Pick up a transport card and make Australia’s capital cities your oyster. They’re different in every state (for example, Melbourne transport cards are called ‘myki’, Sydney’s are called ‘Opal’ and Perth’s are called ‘SmartRiders’). Just jump onto the government transport website for the city that you’re in, and it’ll show you what to do. Think train! Think bus! Think ferry! All of them, way cheaper than Uber or a taxi, plus it also means you get to see the sights. Download a good podcast - something with a bit of Aussie flavour like Hamish & Andy - and enjoy the ride with their company.

Save Data

There’s plenty of free WiFi just about everywhere. (And so there should be – it’s 2018!). Be sure to take advantage of this. Lots of bars, cafes, and libraries have free WiFi of course, but in Australia, some local beaches and shopping strips even have it. Or, if all else fails, go stand outside an Apple store and scab off theirs. We all do it.

Update your wardrobe for next to nothing

If you need a wardrobe update, be sure to stop in at any of Oz’s second hand stores (known as “op shops”). There are many independent or state-specific op shops, but to get you started, check out St Vincent de Paul Society (known to locals as ‘Vinnies’) as they’re peppered throughout the country. Each of them play home to plenty of second hand designer pieces, so you can get a whole outfit and change. Keep an eye out for sample sales too - you’re always sure to grab a bargain and, no, you can never have too many pairs of swimmers.

Drink only at Happy Hour

You’re young, you’re free, you’re far from Mum… you want to knock back a few beers while you’re at it, we know. But if you’re not smart about it, your budget will take a whooping.

So here’s our idea: drink only during Happy Hour. For example, if you’re staying in Sydney, every day at Bondi’s The Shop and Wine Bar you can enjoy $6 drinks from 3 - 6pm. Make sure you suss out your local offers. The afternoon, though, is usually a safe bet.

Hit the hostels

Hostels are the perfect place to sleep and save dosh, plus you can meet new mates while you’re at it. There are some weird and wonderful places where you can lay your head for the evening, including a wildlife park on the ever-tropical Magnetic Island. YHA Australia has joints all over the country where good times are pretty much guaranteed, so let them take the reins.

Score cheap airfares - set up sale alerts

Flying doesn’t always need to cost a packet. Download the apps for national airlines and set up sale alerts for your dream Aussie destinations. Also, sign up to the mailout from I Know The Pilot, because they bang out newsletters daily with a summary of the best deals from every airline. You’ll be surprised where you end up for how little!

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