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Your Aussie road trip guide: 5 things not to leave at home

Aussie road trip guide: 5 things not to leave at home

Your great Aussie road trip is finally within roads’ reach… don’t ruin it all by forgetting these must-haves.

Australia is full of surprises… but let’s keep those surprises to fun things like secluded beaches and friendly wildlife, shall we?

Make sure you’re prepared with the basics so you don’t get caught red-handed in the Red Centre. Get prepped for your great Aussie road trip, and follow this 5-step checklist.


A solid, upbeat soundtrack

Don’t even reverse out of the driveway until you’ve got this one sorted. In order to avoid too many song repeats or passenger clashes, we recommend creating a playlist that not only lasts several hours, but transcends several genres. Plus, you need something that’s great for roadside breaks / impromptu gatherings.

If you’re looking for some classic Aussie tunes, here are five bangers we haven’t forgotten: Icehouse’s Electric Blue, Midnight Oil’s Beds Are Burning, Christina Anu’s My Island Home, Powderfinger’s My Happiness and Client Liaison’s Feelings.


Sunscreen. Heaps of it.

The sunshine is both your BFF and mortal enemy. It will make your new coastal Aussie life come alive with endless weekend potential, but it also might burn you if you’re careless. You can get pink within only 15 minutes - and winter is no exception. Lather yourself in sunscreen as regularly as you can, and side-step the red raw disaster.


Emergency supplies

It’s highly likely you won’t need any emergency supplies on your journey, but it couldn’t hurt to have them on hand - even in case someone nearby needs your help!

You don’t need much to avoid the major face-to-palm moments. We recommend a first aid pack, a torch, a spare tire, jumper leads and a snack supply that’s high in sugar. That oughtta do it!


Water. Double what you think you’ll drink.

Here’s the deal - you’ll explore rainforests, swim with dolphins and hike mountains. Yes, you’ll be thrilled - but you’ll also be thirsty. Stay hydrated.

It also couldn’t hurt to throw in an extra water bottle for the car engine, too.


A smartphone

Telling you to bring your smartphone is a lot like telling the outback to be hot AF. We get it. It sounds stupid.

Still, hear us out: the GPS function will save you a lot of navigation hassle, the Spotify app will facilitate point number one, and social media will help with your street cred (if you didn’t Instagram it, did it happen?).

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